Entertainment Options for a Corporate Event

By Miracle Apr8,2022

Entertainment Options for a Corporate Event

In the long distant past, corporate entertainment usually only went about as far as taking a client out for a meal, or putting together a buffet for the office Christmas party. These days, a huge industry has emerged to service the massively diverse requirements for the corporate events of today.

On the whole, corporate events usually fall into three types: on site at the company premises; away days to major sporting or entertainment events, or off site, specially organised away days for a group.

Events held at a company’s premises can range from the ubiquitous office party for employees, to events designed to launch a new service or product to customers. A typical example of the latter can be the launch of a new model at a car dealership, where the entertainment can range from a few cars and some food and drinks, to themed events such as a casino or virtual horse racing night.

Many major public events now rely heavily on the income from high paying corporate customers to make their profits. You only have to look around a modern football stadium to see the huge emphasis they put on hosting corporate clients in plush, purpose built hospitality suites. The range of events available to the corporate customer now seems endless, from football and rugby to ballet, opera or pop concerts. Although a company will have to choose the event to attend carefully, taking customer demographic and budget into consideration, the list of options available is endless.

There is now a large and growing industry with businesses hosting speciality activities for business customers. These are usually held at either the entertainment company premises or an outdoor venue. This is where the choice can be truly mind boggling with options available to fit every taste and budget. For example, clients can be taken go-carting, shooting, rock climbing, white water rafting or fly fishing. Alternatively, an event could include driving a super car, flying a light aircraft or riding in a hot air balloon. For the less adventurous, there are plenty of businesses that will bring the event to you in the form of simulators or more traditional forms of entertainment.

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Corporate entertainment has certainly come a long way since all there was to choose from were singers, comedians or magicians to entertain the audience. No matter what the budget, and no matter how high flying the customers may be the modern entertainment industry has something to fit the bill for them all. The real skill is choosing the perfect option for the clients.

By Miracle

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