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Event Planning Checklist: Can a Venue Make or Break an Event?

Event Planning Checklist: Can a Venue Make or Break an Event?

Event planning checklists are vital when it comes to running a successful event. One of the main items on your checklist should be your venue.

When it comes to meeting and event planning, especially finding your ideal venue, there are a number of organisations that can help you to find a venue for your event. Your local conference bureau or a national venue finding service is often a good place to start. Obviously the internet is also a valuable source of information when looking for venues.

With so much choice there are some key things to consider when deciding which a will be host to your event venue: Use an event planning checklist with the following questions.

How accessible is by road, rail and/or air? Think about the pros and cons of out of town vs city centre. What’s car parking like and will it cost?

Will it comfortably fit all of your delegates/visitors? (You need to also think about the space required for your audio visual equipment here)

Do you need breakout rooms, or a separate room for lunch/an exhibition?

Cost – do you need to pay per delegate (DDR) or pay for the room hire plus catering?

Does the venue have good ‘green’ credentials?

How welcoming and helpful are the staff – will you find them easy to work with?

If the hotel can’t go out of their way for you, the potential organiser, what approach may they have towards your delegates? Remember, it’s your future business at stake here!!

What is the quality of the food and facilities? Have a meal there and experience it.

Will you/delegate need hotel accommodation, if so, what’s the standard of the rooms like and can you negotiate a special rate?

Do you need to hire the venue the day before the event for set up and/or a dress rehearsal?

If you need WIFI access for delegates and/or speakers, what speed, type of connection can the venue offer? What back up do they have available?

By having an event planning checklist containing all the questions above, you can work your way through the list and establish if a venue is a fit and a match for your event. Be aware about making compromises.

Be clear about what you want and you will find a venue that will want to work with to make your plans happen. If that means you start your venue search early, do it.…

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Meeting and Event Planning – Preparing Your Budget – An Event Template to Cut Your Hassle Factor

Meeting and Event Planning – Preparing Your Budget – An Event Template to Cut Your Hassle Factor

What are the plans for your meeting or convention this year? Does it start with a budget or did you even do one last year? If you did one, did you do it the easy way with a Budget Spreadsheet for Meetings?

Let us discuss your needs and see what forms and budgets can be facilitated the easy way. If approached correctly, you can cut your “Hassle Factor” by more than half with the right event template.

First – History/Budget – what kind of a history do you have from your last convention? Did you fill out forms that showed all the results of your meeting? You started with a contract that specified sleeping rooms and scheduled functions, but did you update those numbers at the conclusion of your convention? This is important! You really do need to know what happened last year including your exact sleeping room pick-up, registration numbers with total income generated, specific meeting expenses and the number of attendees that attended each function. Without these numbers you are just guessing.

Second – Planning your Budget – is this easy or are you going to start over from scratch? If you kept good records and have accurate figures, then you have a great start for you next meeting. It is easy to modify last year’s information and make changes for this year. That will be necessary for a variety of reasons. You will need it to tell your hotel contact what you want and you will also need it to prepare this year’s budget.

Third – Budgeting Spreadsheet for Meetings – take the easy way out. Use a spreadsheet that will make your job easy. There are excel spreadsheets that can do it for you. Do not waste your time trying to design something that already exists and is proven to save you effort and stress.

Most planners are good at multi-tasking and have no problems designing a simple spreadsheet to handle a basic budget or designing a form to handle registration. So, you spend your time designing and stressing out. You end up with a variety of forms that each handle a specific need like registration, exhibits, food expenses and budget. The forms are not connected and do not work together. Hence, you end up having to do additional work merging the information from the various forms into your budget. Why do this when there is a Budget Spreadsheet for Meetings on the market that will tie your history, individual forms and budget together? It is so easy that all you have to do is enter the information. The spreadsheet does the rest.…

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Event Planning Facts

Event Planning Facts

Event Planning or management is most probably similar in analogy to planning a typical birthday party, where the preparations need to be set up in the most effective ways. However, there are more intimate details in event management that needs to be paid close attention to.

Nowadays, the term Event manager seems to refer to an easy yet sophisticated and chic profession. Yet in actuality, there are consequences and accountabilities that are attached to this classy title of being a service provider. The name suggests the job profile of an event manager involves organizing a special affair. Concepts have to be visualized, planned, budgeted, and executed in events that are often highly regarded such as fashion or beauty shows, concerts, corporate seminars, exhibitions, wedding celebrations, theme parties, product launching, etc.

What is good about this career and its gaining popularity is the minimal requirement for financial investments, yet it allows the planner to be independent and flexible. Personal traits, character and attitude are of more importance in event planning. The planner of events must possess a real passion in holding or conducting affairs, they need to be organized and able to work in flexible and often extended hours. Although this exciting career among the younger generation may have been seen as a sensational one, it also demands a substantial amount of hard work and effort. Perfection is a major quality that must be achieved in any event management and therefore requires a great quantity of patience, good communication skills and comprehension to be practiced by an event manager. Duties must be discharged with efficiency, challenges must be confidently faced and situations must be given due attention and reaction. Team spirit, leadership and organizational skills are as well required in event planning. Every detail no matter how minute must be paid close attention to.

There are also courses available to be taken by anyone who decide on taking a career in event planning. Eligibility courses usually requires to have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline but most preferred are management-related fields, social sciences, liberal arts and humanities. Individuals who are of interest simply have to finish these courses that are offered in many academic institutional and universities. Short term certificates as well as post graduate MBA courses may also be taken. Major areas of principles and techniques must also be mastered to effectively perform and execute the duties of an event planner. These principles include public relations, organizational development, communication and implementation.

Training and experience also contribute in becoming an adept and qualified event manager. While at school, the aspirant may work as an event staff personnel for sporting festivals and leagues. If there are local music shows to be held, assist in the preparation. Internships also play a major role in molding a successful planner.

Upon completion of qualifying courses, the event planner can join established companies in event planning or they may choose to set up and start their own business. Employment are available from corporate and public sectors, government agencies, tourist agencies, hotels, banks and other financial institutions, private consultancy firms etc.…

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What You Can Find in Event Planning Courses?

What You Can Find in Event Planning Courses?

The subjects included in event planning courses are to be considered before selecting one of them. Let’s have a look at what you can find in event planning courses.

These courses are not necessary to find a career as an event planning professional. However, joining such a course would be highly advantageous since you get to learn various important things regarding managing events which would later enable you to excel in your field, especially if you are new to the industry. The contents or the information available with the course material should be analyzed before deciding to join a course.

Good event planning courses should have lessons or instructions on performing well in the event planning and management business, information on the mechanics of planning and executing all types of events and their requirements. May it be a wedding, a birthday, concert or a fundraiser, each event has its own essentials without which the event will never be complete and to the expectation of your client.

Good event planning courses would also have guest lessons handled by experts in the field. These are the basic things that would be thought in these courses. Once you are thorough with the basics, you can consider advanced courses offered in the field. Advanced courses are perfect for people with experience in the industry of event management. Amenities supervision and event administration etc will also be included in these event planning courses.

Although the basic requirements for excelling in the field of event management and planning are the skills, interest level and ability to handle various situations and their related issues, attending such a course would help you to improve yourself and learn more about the various related issues. Due to this, you would be able to offer your customers better economical packages rather than offering ordinary ones on which customers would not be able to save a significant of money and get anything extra.

For instance, instead of offering them ordinary services, you would be able to suggest more useful options such as opting for a particular package. You would be able to analyze things perfectly in such a way that your customers will benefit from your package and give you an edge over the others in the industry.

Some of the popular event planning courses conducted by prominent institutions offer certifications and credentials which would be helpful for you to get a job with adequate opportunities for career advancement.…

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Green Event Planning Tips

Green Event Planning Tips

If we are to arrest the negative effects of climate change we all have to buy into a sustainable future and the one way we can do this is by planning low carbon or carbon neutral events; in a nutshell, green event planning.

Weddings, conferences, festivals and concerts are all startling sources of green house gas emissions. The unnecessary use of heating or air conditioning at the venue; guests travelling long distances; superfluous decorations; disposal cutlery and crockery and even embossed invitations have the potential to create a significant carbon footprint but fortunately sustainable strategies can be found to limit the damage!

Identify the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions

The first step to take when planning a green event is to identify the various sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Where is the event going to be held? How will the guests get to the destination and how will they get to and from the venue? What will the guests eat, how is the food going to be prepared and how will the food be served?

Find a strategic solution to the problems

Then it’s simply a matter of finding a strategic solution to these problems:

Choose a destination which is close to the majority of invitees so that long haul flights are not an issue or offer long distance guests the opportunity of participating via teleconferencing.

Select a venue and accommodation that use energy and water-efficient equipment and practices.

Arrange a fuel efficient or fuel alternative guest shuttle service.

Insist the caterer only use organic, locally produced ingredients and flowers.

Use recycled goods and services as far as possible, from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper for the invitations to catering equipment hire for the cutlery, china, glassware and kitchen equipment. Disposable plates and cutlery will simply end up in the landfill.

Opt for genuine linen tablecloths and napkins, sourced from catering hire companies, instead of paper alternatives, as these can be used over and over again.

Dispose in a sustainable manner

After the event it’s essential to dispose of the remnants in a safe and sustainable manner too. Left-over food should be diverted to homeless shelters and the scraps tossed onto the compost. Flowers can be dropped off at the local hospital, church or old age home and any decorations should be collected and recycled.

For your event to be a resounding eco-friendly success, simply give your event planning a lot of thought and use green alternatives as often as possible.

London catering equipment rental – the smart and eco-friendly option

Hire catering equipment instead of buying cheap, disposable items; email your invitations or use vegetable-based ink on recycled paper and, if all else fails, put your hand in your pocket and purchase Renewable Energy Certificates to offset energy wastage and you’ll not only be investing in a clean, renewable energy source but a bright future for generations to come!…

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Please Don’t Use Metal Detectors If You Want People To Get Shot At Your Next Event

Please Don’t Use Metal Detectors If You Want People To Get Shot At Your Next Event

I don’t want to tell you how to organize your party or event but I can offer one very valuable tip to any event organizer that would like to be sued for everything he or she owns with a wrongful death lawsuit and that is to make sure they do not implement the use of handheld metal detectors at each and every entrance. Not having a reliable handheld metal detector at the door is a great way to ensure that someone sneaks in with a weapon of some kind. After all nobody can be shot or stabbed at your next event if nobody smuggles in a gun or knife with which to do so. And it’s going to make it impossible for someone to smuggle in a knife or gun if you’ve got pesky security guards protecting the well-being of attendees by scanning everyone at the door. The best way to make sure somebody receives a mortal injury while at your event is to simply let a multitude of strangers in and just hope that nobody has brought a weapon.

Certainly you should not use a trusted name in the industry like Garrett as that brand is so reliable it is used by security details, law enforcement and military personnel worldwide. A Garret handheld metal detector is so highly sensitive it can pick up even the most trace amounts of metal and would easily detect even the smallest of weapons and then nobody would be getting shot or stabbed. They are self-calibrating which means that unlike less reliable models they do not need to have their sensitivity settings constantly adjusted, great if you want to keep your guests safe and sound and not be sued, horrible if you want utter chaos, multiple gun shots and a monster law suit.

Okay, obviously this article is ridiculous and I am clearly being sarcastic but what I find truly ridiculous is that anyone would organize a major event in this day and age and not use simple, affordable and reliable technology to ensure the safety of their guests. Having a major event and then neglecting to keep the guests that attend safe in a simple and cost effective manner is both ignorant and wholly irresponsible. If you are a promoter you should make sure than any security detail you hire has one of these if for no other reason that the legal ramifications of someone being hurt or killed at your event because such security measures were ignored.

Stay Safe,

Carl Vouer…

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How Can an Event Management Company Help?

How Can an Event Management Company Help?

Organising a party or other type of function takes much work, time and dedication to the task. With guest lists, catering arrangements and types of menu, or designing the d?�cor and styling of the venue, there are a million and one details that need to be coordinated and scheduled.

Who Hires Event Management Companies

Companies or organisations may need help in putting together conferences or learning events for employees or business partners, or to oversee the arrangements for product launches or trade congresses. Event managers will often also undertake tasks such as brand building or marketing.

Private individuals often employ management companies to take care of organising complex events such as weddings or simple events like a local birthday party. Depending on the company, events as small as ten people or as large as thousands, or even millions in a prestigious event held in the media’s eye, can be contracted out to experienced management companies.

Tasks Undertaken

Menu planning, venue or marquee booking and erecting, and the hiring of live entertainment is all part of the service. The management company will meet with the client to discuss exact requirements and will tailor hospitality packages within a given budget range.

For large or corporate events the management company will also oversee such things as cash flow control and the procurement of specific or specialised items or equipment. In the case of community events, festivals or concerts where crowd control may be an issue, the company can also undertake the management and efficiency of the movement of people.

Not every client needs total event management. Companies are willing to take over the organisation of just a part of the event, for instance the catering or the booking of entertainment. Initial discussions will cover what areas of the event are best professionally organised and which the event holders can manage themselves. Many times the division of labour is governed by expense and the relative expertise of the client.

Type of Events Managed

Events generally fall into one of four categories: organisational, personal, leisure or cultural, with each having particular needs with regards to organisation and objective.

Any time a group of people gather in celebration, for a conference or community occasion the event needs to be managed effectively if it’s to be successful. From festivals and fetes to birthday discos or elaborate weddings, event managing companies exist to take the strain out of organising and leave you free to enjoy the party.…

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Why Style Your Celebration With VINTAGE?

Why Style Your Celebration With VINTAGE?

Luxury, grace and good taste never go out of style, and with the incessant high trend for revitalizing the past, no matter what the occasion, the crowd, or the time of year, the only theme is vintage! First it was Kate Middleton’s gorgeous vintage inspired wedding dress and vintage tiara passed down from the Queen herself; and moments later Victoria Beckham was decorating little Harper Seven’s baby nursery with shabby chic and vintage love and inspiration. High trend fashion models are hitting the catwalk draped in vintage style for the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection shows; and the stars are being spotted left, right and centre at some of London’s most renowned vintage fairs…. Vintage is the way forward!

A vintage celebration can truly make every occasion gleam with period glamour, shimmer with chic elegance, and sparkle with satisfied partygoers. So shower your big day in shabby chic style and retro summer love… and how about a delicious wedding breakfast of al fresco afternoon cream teas? Or indulge in an elegant 50’s themed twenty first birthday celebration of cupcake and cocktail making (and tasting!) before swing jiving the night away! Or perhaps there’s a vintage style retirement party waiting to be planned – relive those bygone days and old treasured memories.

Above all, good taste has never been so eco-friendly… So be green and decorate your event with pre-loved authentic vintage pieces and budget friendly vintage inspired accessories!

Spend a little extra on the historic venue with huge chandeliers, the classic cars for vintage transport, the swing band taking you on a trip down memory lane… and embrace the lower budget and make do and mend with the little things which make the big things count… With attention to detail and a creative mind, fashionable has met affordable. Think named brown paper parcel tags tied around wild flower stems instead of place setting cards; use old empty wine bottles as candle holders trickled with melted wax; and hire quirky mix and match vintage crockery for your guests to dine with old-fashioned grace.

With hundreds of reasons to celebrate life, make it a vintage celebration and rediscover true timeless luxury. A blast from the past always raises such laughter and smiles, so what lovelier idea than re-living those old memories whilst creating new ones – beautiful vintage tea cup in hand, whilst nibbling on cupcakes and finger sandwiches from the vintage tiered cake stand. Utterly glorious.…

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So You Want to Be an Event Planner? Take Event Planning Courses

So You Want to Be an Event Planner? Take Event Planning Courses

There is more to pulling together a great event then simply booking a venue and sending out an invitation, especially today. Event planning is one of the many industries that has been revolutionized in the past 15 years. It has been particularly affected by the rise of the Internet and growing interest from corporate quarters in social and environmental responsibility. Now, there are awards for the most sustainable events. The best way for a newbie to learn about these industry trends? Enroll in event planning courses. That way, when your future clients or employers asks you about your preferred social media tactics or favourite sustainability strategies, you’ll know what you’re talking about.

How to Find Event Planning Courses Near You

If you are a people person, and you think that you have the entrepreneurial spirit necessary to plan an event from beginning to end, then check your local business schools for classes in event planning. Many schools offer both full-time and part-time programs.

Skills and Diplomas You’ll Need to Get Into the Program of Your Choice

Event planning programs are usually open to high school graduates. You may be required to take an interview to assess your qualifications. Some business colleges require applicants to have basic keyboarding skills.

What You’ll Learn

Most event planning schools teach aspiring event planners how to:

Write a CV

Find customers or employment

Give a PowerPoint presentation

Manage worksheets on Excel

Prepare brochures, etc., using programs such as Publisher

Communicate with clients and employers: organize and write a business letter, Negotiate a contract

Use the Web for pre-event marketing

Do basic bookkeeping

Manage a team

Your Career Options After Graduation

After finishing event planning college you will have to decide whether to start your own event planner service or find a job. Possible clients and employers include:

Trade associations

Tourism boards for your state, province or city

Professional association

Conference facilities

Government agencies

Event planning companies

Business schools (teaching what you’ve learned)

Most event planning courses have free placement services for recent graduates, including professional mentoring and online job boards. This is a great way to break into the business, but remember that only you can make yourself stand out. Whether you become the local expert in experiential marketing, staging unique events for big-name companies, or the go-to person for socially and environmentally responsible events in your city, this is one field that could see a lot of growth in the years to come.…

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Wedding Event Planning

Wedding Event Planning

Wedding entertainment is one of the most important parts of what goes into the making of a successful wedding, and it’s something that is often added on as an afterthought. The bride and groom seem to believe often that they don’t really need to put much thought into any wedding event planning, since they know what exactly it is that they want. How hard can it be to track down a professional musician or other entertainer, they seem to think. Not to mention, wedding entertainment events tend not to be that expensive – compared to what the other parts of a wedding cost. People believe that something that’s not expensive is usually easy to handle.

It isn’t a good idea to put off your wedding event planning though. If you don’t give adequate notice to the wedding event provider, it’s likely that you’ll end up being disappointed – they could be booked up to perform elsewhere in another wedding. Even if entertainment isn’t that important an ingredient in the successful carrying off of a wedding, it isn’t going to feel quite as satisfying, a wedding without the soundtrack of your choice. The less notice you give an entertainment provider before the event, the more they’ll charge you. You need to give yourself time to shop around too.

So what are some of the options you have in the kinds of entertainment you can have for your wedding? Actually, hiring a live band of professional musicians tends to be one of the most expensive choices you can find. If you aren’t careful whom you choose, you can easily end up with someone who is entirely inappropriate for the task at hand – someone like the famous foul mouthed wedding singer in the movie The Hangover. Make the right choice here, and you can find a great professional band that will play songs from the top of the charts and great dance numbers. It can be great for bringing a little romance into the proceedings.

Successful wedding event planning can sometimes involve the hiring of a DJ to fire the crowd up. It isn’t as expensive to hire a DJ for a wedding as it is to hire a live band, of course. But having a DJ with complicated looking equipment up on the stage can clash with the ambiance you are aiming for. But a DJ can give people the kind of entertainment they want. With a live band, you are often limited to just the kind of music that the band is capable of. With a DJ, you can have an entirely different kind of music every other song. If there is a special song that one or the other member of the guest list really loves to dance to, a DJ is the entertainment choice you would go with. Not to mention, DJs like to host little fun events like a limbo competition.

Do your wedding event planning far enough ahead, and you’ll probably save a lot of money on it. The early bird, and all.…