Event Planning Careers – Help Planning Corporate And Family Events

Event Planning Careers – Help Planning Corporate And Family Events

If you have indulged yourself in making arrangements of any event then you would be aware of how much hard work and stress it takes to make the event come to life. A location has to be decided that is affordable yet approachable for the guests, a food menu that has to be picked up and delivered on time, decorations have to be made at the place of event, catering and lighting services has to be hired and the list goes on. All of this cannot be handled by an ordinary person unless he is skilled in event planning.

And to become skilled you need to have a good experience and some certifications in this field. Therefore, most people do not arrange parties or business meeting on their own; they appoint event planners who organize their event in the best manner.

Some events are really important for people that they want to make them last forever. For example, wedding is a type of occasion that has to happen at least once in everybody’s lives and they all want it to be memorable. They want every arrangement to be perfect, the cake, food, lighting, catering etc if anything goes wrong the whole arrangement is ruined. Besides that, many parents wish to make their kids’ parties exciting and fun but unfortunately they cannot as they are so busy in their professional lives that they do not get enough time to do so. In today’s world there are millions of companies that have expanded so much that they need to keep organizing different events time to time so that they can maintain their status. All these people depend on event planners because they trust their capabilities and become relieved that because there work in the hands of professional, it will become successful.

We can see many famous event managers who have done splendid jobs that is why, more and more people are diverting towards appointing event managers instead of organizing their events themselves. Event managers can transform their events into something that they never imagined. They can create an impressive image on their guests and provide them excellent experience. Whatever your budget is an event planner will try to fix everything in it because he has all the knowledge that is needed. Thus they also save your precious time.

Event planning careers have become highly reputable and demanding, so if you want to pursue career in it then you should not hesitate do so. However the requirement is that you need to be systematic, creative and interested in this field.

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The Difference Between Ego And Excellence

The Difference Between Ego And Excellence

One of the least understood behaviors is what most of us refer to as being egotistical. While some individuals voice much bravado and appear to be applauding themselves and patting themselves on the back continuously, someone with a truly healthy self image does not find that type of self praise necessary. The reality is that if someone speaks about achievements in order to demonstrate experience and expertise, and they were real achievements, that is not bragging, but if someone exhibits false bravado and overstates his achievements, then it is simply self promoting. Walt Whitman stated, “If you have done it, it ain’t bragging.”

1. There is often a huge difference between mere experience and true expertise. Just because someone has had some experience, it does not mean he has learned sufficiently from it, for it to provide some advantage or expertise. I’m sure we have all met people who appear to be egotistical, whose behavior ends up being more based on insecurity and the need for attention, applause, gratitude, etc., than it is related to any type of superior knowledge or expertise. For example, in politics, when a politician points to his record, it can either be a case of bragging, or true excellence. Was he actually the cause of the positive results? Were there actually any positive results at all? Especially as it relates to politics and politicians, there is often a distinct line that gets blurred between true achievement and excellence, versus falsely taking credit or distorting one’s achievements. This is caused partly by convincing one’s self that they were actually excellent and actually believing it, a desire to win and election, political spin, ego or false ego, or being delusional.

2. I have been involved in the event industry for well over thirty years. During that time, I have come across quite a number of people who thought of themselves as being event planners or event experts, while the reality was that they, at most, chaired a program, event or a committee, and perhaps got involved in certain aspects of the event planning process. Therefore, when it comes to event planners, while I can state that I will guarantee cost savings and superior event planning and superb results, that statement is not bragging but rather the facts based on my years of experience, my gained expertise and knowledge, and the results I have consistently achieved. On the other hand, it is bragging when someone who perhaps was involved in previous events but does not possess the prerequisites to be considered expert, claims to be an event expert.

Bragging is only offensive when it is untrue. Otherwise, it may be merely a recitation of the facts. In either case, however, it should be done with tact and without being offensive.…

Make a Plan to Get Into an Exciting Career As a Conference and Event Planner

Make a Plan to Get Into an Exciting Career As a Conference and Event Planner

Are you looking to find your first career? Or maybe you already have a career but would love to embark in a new and exciting career path? How would you like to enter the fast-paced and exciting area of conference and event planning?

Conventions, events and meetings are one of the fastest growing segments of the economy and encompass multiple aspects of all industries. Event planning courses have as an objective to show students a broad range of knowledge and processes, administration skills and practical tools that will assist them in dealing with situations within a conference and event planning related career.


A conference and event planner is a special type of individual. It is essential to carry the qualities of being outgoing, charismatic and certainly energetic. An event planner will play a huge and dynamic role within the organization for which he/she works.


A good conference and event planner program should leave graduates with the following skills and knowledge to successfully step into their professional careers:

The knowledge and skills necessary to handle conferences and events for a variety of business sectors

An introduction to the planning and coordinating the logistics of events

Professional skills including how to negotiate, the decision making process, working in a team, communication skills, customer service skills, leadership, research and problem solving techniques

Proficiency in Microsoft Office Applications

Event planning courses will usually involve the following areas of study:

Business correspondence

Business essentials, financial management and math

Negotiations and contracts

Business presentations, supervisory skills and verbal communications

Conference and event management

Customer service skills

Event marketing

Business writing and grammar skills

Human resource management

Intro to internet

Employment skills

Management fundamentals

Marketing and sales

Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook

Microsoft PowerPoint, Publisher,Word and Windows

Project Management Fundamentals

Graduates of event planning courses can find employment in a varied number of great settings. They find exciting work in the sector of tourism, trade and professional associations. They can also seek employment in convention and conference centres, government agencies and conference and event planning companies. In addition, the skills learned in event planning courses are transferable to other sectors of employment. This makes it the ideal diploma to have as graduates can look for employment opportunities not only within the industry, but in other sectors of employment as well.

Careers that event planning courses can lead to include:

Conference and Meeting Planner

Conference Services Officer

Convention Coordinator

Event Planner

Special Events Organizer

Trade Show Planner

There’s no reason to shy away from an exciting and new career! Event planning courses can be your ticket to get there!…

Benefits Of Event Planning Training

Benefits Of Event Planning Training

Event planning is a vast industry and many people are associated with it nowadays. Event planners have taken the responsibility if managing the event of their clients and put all their efforts to make it successful. Event planning is interesting and fun filled for those who are social, friendly and fun loving; such natured people enjoy their profession as hobby. As people are becoming more conscious for perfection, the challenge for professional event planners has raised. Every client wants something different and creative in their events.

There are different courses for event planning offered by many institutions that help the students to groom them and learn better skills and basic etiquettes about the event planning. These courses are very beneficial for those who are interested in this field either who are professionals or who prefer to arrange their home events by them.

In event management and planning training the students get to learn new skills and basic etiquettes about the event planning that helps to groom their talent.

The students who take event management courses are given demonstrations and practical tasks to perform as the part of study which gives them more confidence.

Many students exchange their new ideas and special skills while attending the course; that helps them to learn more.

There are different fields in event management planning and you can opt for the specific line you want and get to learn about your field.

People who are not professional can groom their talent and step into the professional field to earn and learn.

If you are certified, you can be recognized well in the market and can expand your business by being certified.

You get more job opportunities, big companies in this field hire their staff for assistance and of course everyone would prefer to have a qualified person associated with them.

While taking an event management and planning course, students are offered internship as part of their study, and this is the best time to gain an experience.

People who have not done any course might have good taste and new ideas but these courses teach you how to coordinate and deal with vendors and make clients satisfied; and you learn about marketing as well.

These courses make you aware of the competition in the market and you get to know your professional rivals (who are studying with you) and their skills which help you in professional life.

Certification of event planning course gives you a confidence to enter into the professional life.

There are many benefits in taking event planning course, so if you have the aptitude you must go for that.…

7 Tips for Successful Event Planning

7 Tips for Successful Event Planning

Event planning is not an easy task. It requires step-to-step process to be executed perfectly. At times it also becomes stressful. To make it less stressful, seven tips are given below that can help immensely.

Planning of event should start as soon as possible. Sooner you start planning, better the results will be. Think carefully before putting any idea in execution. This will help in putting action plan in order. Working out time and money to complete particular event will help. Think about human resources, committee, how much your profit will be, and whether it is viable or not.

If you are planning big event then you will need more human resources. In such condition, pull out a team together which can help you complete big event successfully. Once you have action plan and team ready to execute it, half of your work is done.

Budget is a very important element in event planning. Cost related to marketing, photocopying, equipments, human resources, and other hire charges should be taken into consideration while deciding on budget.

Listing everything will help in order to make your plans work easily. Make lists of everything and anything that you are trying to do in event.

Marketing your event is essential if event is targeted to be profit making. Things like targeted audience, flyers and posters, places for marketing, and online marketing are essential tactics for marketing of any event.

Venue of the event is crucial. Selection of venue depends on things like date & time, area, disabled access, budget and deposit, tables, seats, and catering facilities.

Last but not the list, whether should be considered in event planning because all your plans will go in vain in case of bad weather if you have not taken that into the consideration.…

Event Planning: How You Can Find the Best Catering Service

Event Planning: How You Can Find the Best Catering Service

To make an arrangement for catering services seems to be boring for most people, although it can be the most fun part when it comes to planning an event.

Know the best caterer

It is important to choose a trusted and known caterer in your area. Although it is also good to experiment on caterers but it’s not really an ideal and practical approach in searching for the best caterer. For instance, a good catering service should always prepare 10 or more plates depending on the amount of food and the chance of arrivals of unexpected guests. This applies in drinks as well. A catering service with not much experience may not anticipate this from happening.

Select a catering service that is actually renowned in your locality for providing the best food and service. You may find some either very costly or very affordable but still can give the same level of service. If you no not have any idea on which caterer to choose, you can always ask your neighbours or friends or even call an event planner who can suggest one.

Set appointments

Normally, a good catering service will set an appointment and let you taste the food that they provide for most events. However, most catering services do not offer this.

Discuss the theme of the event

Discussing the theme of the event is a very essential element in planning an event. Make sure that the food is related to the theme of the event. With this, the caterer can decide whether they will accept the job or not.

Down payment

It is best to always give 50 present of the cost prior to your big day. With this, they will have funds to utilize in purchasing the ingredients. However, there are some who can be paid right after the party.…

Handheld Metal Detectors Are the Life of the Party

Handheld Metal Detectors Are the Life of the Party

Handheld metal detectors are the life of the party. They are the first ones to arrive and the last ones to leave and they never take a rest during that whole time. They don’t care how loud the music is or how crowded the dance floor gets. Not only that but they make sure that all of the guests in attendance party in a responsible manner. They don’t care if some of the party guests have one too many cocktails (hopefully these people aren’t driving home) they just want to ensure none of these party people go and do something stupid like bring a gun or knife to the shindig. Nothing will put a damper on the festivities like multiple shooting fatalities.

Garrett is the leading brand in the metal detecting industry and their handheld metal detectors have been the life of the party for over 20 years now. They are a must have for parties, clubs, concerts and anywhere a large group of people plan on getting together for any reason. These metal detectors can pick up even the tracest amount of metal, be it something harmless like an earring or something much less harmless like drugs wrapped in tin foil. Only a fool would try to carry a gun or knife into an event where people are being scanned with a Garrett metal detector. Their handheld detectors can pick up a pocket knife from more than half a foot away. Perhaps best of all these devices are all self-calibrating, meaning that no adjustments or tweaks to the sensitivity levels need ever be made. Just turn these party animals on and scan away.

I have faith in humanity as a whole but the fact remains that there are some deviant psychos out there that have no qualms about bring a weapon to a crowded event and using that weapon to harm others. If all of this can be prevented simply by making a small investment and purchasing a handheld metal detector and using it then why not take that step? I actually think it should be a law that anytime a planned event will hold more than 25 people a metal detector should be mandatory. These days there are just too many shooting incidents and random acts of violence for something as simple as implementing metal detectors to be ignored. Many inner-city schools use walk t metal detectors but there is rarely such precautionary measure taken at school in upper class neighborhoods. I think by now we all know that no school is immune to acts of violence.

So please consider obtaining one of these devices yourself should you be planning an event.

Stay Safe,

Puzek Security Systems…

Wedding Foods on a Budget

Wedding Foods on a Budget

Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life. This memory does not have to include huge debts that will take many many years to pay off. With a little help from family and close friends, you can prepare everything yourself at a low cost. Here are some ideas for foods for your wedding.

Buffet- Prices for a full dinner can be very expensive per person. Many brides today are choosing to have a dinner buffet. If you choose to have a dinner buffet, you can cut your costs substantially. Some popular inexpensive food items include meatballs, roast, chicken salad sandwiches, fruit and vegetable tray, cheese and crackers, macaroni and cheese, quiche, and various salads. Make sure that you have a couple of people working the buffet. You want to make sure someone is in charge of getting more food when you run out.

BBQ- This is a fabulous idea if you are having your wedding during the summer. Hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken, and pork are all great ideas for a BBQ. You want to have a variety of different sauces and condiments for the meat. You can check local butchers and wholesale food stores to see if they can give you some sort of a discount for buying in bulk. You want to make sure you have people who are only in charge of the meat so that it is cooked properly and kept warm until guest arrive.

Yes, it is possible to cater your own wedding with a little help and effort from your friends and family. Don’t sacrifice your taste or quality of the food just because you have a budget. You can have wonderful food within your budget. Eat, drink, and be married!…