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Use Event Planning Software to Evaluate Your Event’s Performance

Use Event Planning Software to Evaluate Your Event’s Performance

When is the best time to evaluate your event’s performance? The sooner you do it, the better. Unnecessary prolonging the time in preparing reports delays the process of lead generation. In fact, the smarter lot prefers doing it while the event is still “on”; the venue still abuzz with all the happenings and attendees are still available to give in their valuable feedback. It is then that the details are fresh in your mind and you do not have to fall back upon recorded data to derive business analytics.

What is the best way to go about it?

Include everyone in the assessment process who has a stake in your event. It could be your staff members, volunteers, customers, vendors, or even delegates. You can plan a wrap up meeting or a debriefing session to accomplish this. Just make sure that the session does not fall flat at any cost. Include loads of kudos for a job well done to make a lasting impact.

Does event planning software come to any help?

Online event planning software helps to evaluate an event’s performance in a comprehensive manner. It comes with an in-built registration solution that is capable of tracking real-time attendee records. Hence, you have an approximate idea of the expected footfall at your event in advance, unless there are unexpected no-shows or walk-ins. To minimize no-shows you have the option to use the email messaging tool to send reminders to your potential and registered attendees.

That your event is going to be a hit can be assessed if it has been a sold out and still you have a large number of people waiting to register for it. What do you do then? Avail of the waitlist management solution. The application offers various wait listing options to potential attendees willing to register and you can accommodate if there are last minute cancellations. This ensures your event will run a full house fetching maximum business benefits.

However, there is nothing like judging an event’s performance then on then. Following applications of the event planning software enable you to do real-time event evaluations:

Custom reporting-Make use of the flexible formats that match your specific business requirements and analyze various metrics of relevance to produce numerous reports by changing the look and feel of each report.

Survey report generation- Create multiple survey reports in minutes and expedite performance analysis. Make use of the event activity dashboard that shows you at-a-glance revenue and inventory status of all events.

Onsite event management and self-registration kiosk-Provide self-registration facilities at the event venue. This enables your staff members to collect and assess data on site. Download the data to an excel sheet to manipulate it with external tools. Then take a print out of the report or export it, either in the same Excel format or you may convert it into a PDF file. Once, you are done, quickly email the report to the authority concerned for review, using the software’s email messaging tool. Reports can be sent to multiple recipients simultaneously.

Name badge service -Do away with the expensive scanning devices for check-ins. Instead, avail of the name badge printing service. It enables you to create personalized name badges with bar codes. When swiped during check-ins, these badges provide important attendee information which can be used for analyzing an event’s performance in real-time or for generating leads in the future.

Smartphone based lead retrieval-Use Smartphone based applications to access lead information in real-time. This can also give you great insight of the event’s overall performance.…

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Handheld Metal Detectors and Event Security Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

Handheld Metal Detectors and Event Security Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

If one attempts to discuss planning an event and the security for that event without bringing up the topic of handheld metal detectors than that person is what is commonly referred to as ‘soft in the head’. Something is wrong with that person mentally is what I mean to say. How could one possibly consider the event they have planned to be safe for their guests if they do not know for sure whether one or more of those guests might be carrying a concealed weapon. And I certainly think that we are well past the day in age where we can say “well that would never happen at one of my events”. Horrible tragedies as a result of firearms happen each and every day and they can happen to anyone at any time in any place.

That is why anyone planning an event that will have even one person they do not know in attendance better seriously consider having on hand at least one handheld metal detector to ensure the safety of their guests. I don’t even play games anymore with my parties. My son will be 3 in February and my wife and I have decided to have his next party at the Rainforest Cafe. He loves it there and so I will go ahead and spend way too much time and money making sure my son has an enjoyable, and more importantly safe, birthday experience. There will be a bunch of kids I do know and others I know only vaguely. Guess what? They are getting a once over with the metal detector. I don’t care what they think. You’re good enough to come eat the food I bought for you and drink the drinks I’m paying for you’re going to get a once over with the metal detector believe you me. 3 year old? Metal detector. 30 years old? Bet your free-loading behind you’re getting the metal detector. 90 years old? Don’t start no ruckus wont be no ruckus, grandma. Now shuffle over here and let me wave the detector over that big old hand purse of yours.

I know I make jokes a lot and I don’t honestly intend on bringing a metal detector to a birthday party but in all honesty if I saw someone else do it I would oblige and not judge that person. The point is that the world has been and always will be a crazy place and you can never be too careful. So if you are planning an event of any kind of size please do yourself and your guests a favor by acquiring and using a handheld metal detector.

Stay Safe,

Puzek Security Systems…

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Event Planning Training – Gathering Prospects Before Becoming an Event Planner

Event Planning Training – Gathering Prospects Before Becoming an Event Planner

Perfection is very important for all of us; we want to be perfect in every field of life. People have realized the significance of a professional and literate event planner. If you enter the industry of event planning after undergoing event planning training; you will be recognized as a professional planner. Event planning training has become very essential for all those who want to make a career in this industry.

Planning and visualizing an event beforehand can offer you many benefits and this way you can achieve perfection in your job. The ability to visualize and plan the event before hand can be obtained through event planning training.

You have to consider different scenarios and aspects before you plan an event. An event coordinator’s job is very tedious as he has to stay in contact with everyone associated with the event. He has to be in touch with those responsible for preparing food, decorate the setting, and lightening of the venue. The remaining part of the event is controlled by a planner.

To develop into a successful event planner you should have excellent leadership and supervision skills. While you are planning an event you have to lead different people working on different areas of the event. You should have control over the entire event; planning should be done before hand so you can lead during the event. You should have confidence in your decisions and you should have the ability to take on this responsibility. Some people say leaders are born; I believe that event planning training can create leaders.

Working environment should be very friendly and one should know how to work as a team. Such working conditions will keep your workers contented; you have to give respect to your subordinates in order to get good results. You workers will put extra energy to make the event a successful one.

A�To become a successful occasion planner you should have the ability to manage time. You should keep a strict watch on the arrangements; you should have backup generators in working conditions if your event requires lighting. The quality and availability of the food should be checked personally. Food is one thing that can turn your entire event into a success or a failure.

You must be thinking that earlier this job used to be very simple. Events were not given a lot of importance, but now time has changed. Companies and even individuals are very meticulous about their events. This is why it has now become a part of the service industry. Now you can think about pursuing a career in this profession.…

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Trade Show Strategies and Event Planning – Know Your Competition

Trade Show Strategies and Event Planning – Know Your Competition

To succeed in today’s aggressive and fast-changing marketplace, companies/organizations need to continually identify their competitive advantage to both hold and increase market share. They also need an in-depth understanding of the competitive dynamics of their market. Trade shows are an excellent forum to research and collect information from current and prospective customers. From here, you can learn about your competition. Here are some important things to consider when researching your competition as well as potential and current customers.

If you are exhibiting in a show, there will no doubt be a competitor presence, and it’s important to stand out to attendees whether they are current or prospective clients. Take the time to introduce yourself to the competition find out what they are offering and how they are presenting their product/service. Walk the show floor and take mental notes of just what your competition is doing, they may just tell you something of interest that will be beneficial to your business. Observe where they are on the show floor and determine if it is a competitive advantage. Is their booth crowded, and yours is ? How long has your competition been in business and what is their reputation in the eyes of the marketplace? Learn everything about their products/service and come up with ways your product/service is better – give the buyer a reason to switch. Just what is it that differentiates you from your competitor and does it matter to the consumer? A very important question to ask yourself is what your competition strengths are and what are their weaknesses. Make sure your competition’s buyers know the difference between you and “them.” These buyers may not be aware of just what you can offer them!

Lastly, remember the 80/20 rule. Listen 80% of the time and talk 20%. Ask good questions of your booth attendees (particularly if they buy from your competition!).

To take market share from your competition you first have to know all about them. From there you can use your competitor’s perceived advantages and beat them. You’ve been given ways to best your competition, now go get ’em!…

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Flockbase | Let us manage your church for you!

Churches are under a duty to maintain a record of all the transactions, events, schedules, members, and various other related activities related to the community. The religious sensitivity further puts an obligation to maintain transparency and efficiently handle managerial affairs.

FlockBase is here to help!

Flockbase is an efficient and highly functional church management software. It is premeditated for churches of all magnitudes and denominations,

It is the desired choice of several non-profitable organizations working for the benefit of its members. It provides complete access and control over the database, making it easier to manage all the related events.

FlockBase also provides the benefits of accounting software, allowing the user to keep a comprehensive record of the funds, contributions, and charities by members and non-members.

It provides users with the following benefits:

Membership benefits

The online software allows you to serve the members of the church conveniently. Previously, managing physically was a problem that took a lot of time investment before efficient results could be achieved. The software has made it easier to manage the contact information of the members. Furthermore, you can now easily manage groups and attendances.

Accounting and payroll

Churches have a complex financial structure. It’s essential to monitor, acknowledge, and record the available budget and how it is spent. The FlockBase software can be used as accounting software since it helps the user monitor managing funds, accounts, and other related accounting matters.


Donations are a central part of a church. Members, as well as non-members, contribute for the benefit of the pious resolutions. Using the software, you can keep track of all the donations while saving time through a wholly incorporated solution.


The software has also reduced the communication barrier between the church and its members. It allows the administration to send custom texts and emails to the group.

Online contributions

The software also provides one of the most critical features in online contributions. People can contribute online through this feature securely.

The software has revolutionized the approach of churches towards its members. It has provided a touch of innovation while ensuring that religious morals are respected. Therefore, the software is one of the most critical inventions, particularly for pious motives.…

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Event Planning Careers – What To Do To Become A Successful Event Planner

Event Planning Careers – What To Do To Become A Successful Event Planner

The current trying economic times are providing the perfect opportunity for many to tap into their entrepreneurial spirit in order to effect positive change in their lives while doing something that they love. For many either because of the loss of a job or the realization that they can no longer waste any time working at a job that does not give them a sense of fulfillment, event planning careers may be something to consider. If you wish to become your own boss and become a success at event planning, here are a few tips to remember.

Event planning may be the right career for those looking to write their own checks and is also a great home based business for those who wish to have a career without depriving family of their time and presence. For the person with the right personality, event planning can enable them to make their wildest dreams come true.

Event planners can specialize or can do a little bit of everything. Some would prefer selecting a niche such as weddings, corporate events, birthdays, etc, and you should do whatever works for you. Others may start off planning all kinds of events and then specializing as the business grows.


While verbal agreements can work and some may even stand up in court, a written contract is a better option in all business transactions. As an event planner, contracts will be necessary when a band or DJ is hired, for a caterer, the venue, suppliers, etc. A contract will usually detail what is expected of all the parties who have entered into an agreement. A contract will help you protect yourself in case the terms of the agreement are not fulfilled.


Good and reliable suppliers are important for a successful event planning business. A successful event planner needs to maintain good relationships with suppliers which will enable them to go out of their way to assist the event planner in planning a successful event.

Most people usually only go out of their way to help another when they like the other person. Being nice to suppliers is a great way to ensure success in event planning careers. When an event planner can count of suppliers, it reduces the amount of stress in this area and the event planner can focus on other aspects of planning the event. While contracts with suppliers are important, suppliers will usually come through for the event planner and his or her event when there is a good working relationship. Building good relationships is very important for an event planner.


When considering event planning careers, it is important to determine how organized you are. Planning a successful event requires organization. Keeping all the information you need for the event organized will allow you to properly manage your time when you do not have to look everywhere for the information you need since you will know where everything is.

Being organized will allow you to stay on top of tasks and though you can expect hiccups every now and then, organization will help you meet every challenge encountered when planning an event. Being organized will also make you look professional. Being organized will allow you to have a back up plan for everything and there will be few surprises and you will be on top of all the event planning details.


A huge part of a successful event is finding the right venue. A venue can make or break an event. Some aspects to consider include ensuring that guests will be able to find the venue easily. The location is very important and will help to determine the level of attendance in some cases. The venue should also have an attractive appearance.…

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Celebrating Your 21st Birthday With a Bang

Celebrating Your 21st Birthday With a Bang

Turning in to 21 is indeed a key highlight of life pointing the conversion of a person from teen to the adult hood. Well, this age symbolizes the liberty to acquire one’s own decision as well as the segment of life when human beings are aware of their needs in life. It embodies the legal age to share booze and enter bars and other nightclubs without carrying any kind of false ids. To celebrate this milestone birthday there are different ideas that are really amazing and enjoyed by each adult.

The officially permitted right to drink is among the most wonderful things on turning 21. So exercise this right fully while celebrating your 21 birthday. Another way to celebrate your 21st birthday could be going out with your comrades at some nightclubs or bars. Many night clubs or bars have been spread throughout the New York City presenting great birthday packages. Through the internet you can get to know about the most preferable bar and nightclub.

Those who live in the wine country can go out with friends on a trip to the local wineries. Have some tasty wine along with delicious cuisines. Moreover large ranges of wines can also be indulged to make your treat fantastic. You can even acquire some knowledge about each wine and later on impress your guests with some fascinating facts of wines. If you don’t find this a feasible option then you can probably go to some brewery and enjoy your 21st birthday with chilled beer.

Those who are really not party animals, can celebrate their birthday with family and friends at some amazing restaurant where you can enjoy great wines along with mouthwatering cuisines while listening to music. There are a few local concerts or baseball teams around, which can also become your favorite idea for celebration. You can make your 21st birthday very special using your creativity.…

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Event Planning Certification – The Importance of Quality in Management

Event Planning Certification – The Importance of Quality in Management

Event planning certification can teach you control, quality management and improvement in the field of event planning. When these three elements are added together; you can provide the best result to your customers. Your customers demand high quality for their money and you need to satisfy their demand. Event planning is all about meeting customer demands and event planning certification provides you with the appropriate information on the subject of satisfying your customer.

Control and improvement are a part of quality management; quality control is the effort made by you to control the quality of the event you are managing and providing your consumer with a qualitative product. On the other hand quality improvement is the effort made by you to improve the quality of the service you are already providing to your consumers. Assurance is another aspect of quality management. According to this aspect you assure your customer with high level of quality. You set a benchmark of quality and you try to achieve more than the benchmark to satisfy your customer’s needs and wants.

Quality management is a significant part of your event planning work and it is needed in every area of the event. As an event planner; you need to manage the quality of the setting, the lighting, the food, the beverages, and the quality of visitors comfort. If you are able to maintain quality in all area; your efforts will be appreciated and you will gain free advertisements. Your clients will spread your name among their friends and family members. Quality management can only be learned through event planning certification courses. Management of quality is done through pre set benchmarks and to achieve those benchmarks you have to enroll in event planning certification courses.

Event planners should set a standard of quality in every area of the event and then he should follow those standards and try to achieve their goals. You are only able to get permanent customers if the quality level of your service is high. They will always expect good quality service and if you fail then you can lose special customers. This is why management of value is very important and you should try to maintain good value at all times.

People are ready to pay high if the quality of your work is good. They want the quality factor to be maintained because they know that they can only satisfy their visitors with quality.…