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Use Event Planning Software to Evaluate Your Event’s Performance

By Miracle Oct31,2020

Use Event Planning Software to Evaluate Your Event’s Performance

When is the best time to evaluate your event’s performance? The sooner you do it, the better. Unnecessary prolonging the time in preparing reports delays the process of lead generation. In fact, the smarter lot prefers doing it while the event is still “on”; the venue still abuzz with all the happenings and attendees are still available to give in their valuable feedback. It is then that the details are fresh in your mind and you do not have to fall back upon recorded data to derive business analytics.

What is the best way to go about it?

Include everyone in the assessment process who has a stake in your event. It could be your staff members, volunteers, customers, vendors, or even delegates. You can plan a wrap up meeting or a debriefing session to accomplish this. Just make sure that the session does not fall flat at any cost. Include loads of kudos for a job well done to make a lasting impact.

Does event planning software come to any help?

Online event planning software helps to evaluate an event’s performance in a comprehensive manner. It comes with an in-built registration solution that is capable of tracking real-time attendee records. Hence, you have an approximate idea of the expected footfall at your event in advance, unless there are unexpected no-shows or walk-ins. To minimize no-shows you have the option to use the email messaging tool to send reminders to your potential and registered attendees.

That your event is going to be a hit can be assessed if it has been a sold out and still you have a large number of people waiting to register for it. What do you do then? Avail of the waitlist management solution. The application offers various wait listing options to potential attendees willing to register and you can accommodate if there are last minute cancellations. This ensures your event will run a full house fetching maximum business benefits.

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However, there is nothing like judging an event’s performance then on then. Following applications of the event planning software enable you to do real-time event evaluations:

Custom reporting-Make use of the flexible formats that match your specific business requirements and analyze various metrics of relevance to produce numerous reports by changing the look and feel of each report.

Survey report generation- Create multiple survey reports in minutes and expedite performance analysis. Make use of the event activity dashboard that shows you at-a-glance revenue and inventory status of all events.

Onsite event management and self-registration kiosk-Provide self-registration facilities at the event venue. This enables your staff members to collect and assess data on site. Download the data to an excel sheet to manipulate it with external tools. Then take a print out of the report or export it, either in the same Excel format or you may convert it into a PDF file. Once, you are done, quickly email the report to the authority concerned for review, using the software’s email messaging tool. Reports can be sent to multiple recipients simultaneously.

Name badge service -Do away with the expensive scanning devices for check-ins. Instead, avail of the name badge printing service. It enables you to create personalized name badges with bar codes. When swiped during check-ins, these badges provide important attendee information which can be used for analyzing an event’s performance in real-time or for generating leads in the future.

Smartphone based lead retrieval-Use Smartphone based applications to access lead information in real-time. This can also give you great insight of the event’s overall performance.

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