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Handheld Metal Detectors and Event Security Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

By Miracle Oct26,2020

Handheld Metal Detectors and Event Security Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly

If one attempts to discuss planning an event and the security for that event without bringing up the topic of handheld metal detectors than that person is what is commonly referred to as ‘soft in the head’. Something is wrong with that person mentally is what I mean to say. How could one possibly consider the event they have planned to be safe for their guests if they do not know for sure whether one or more of those guests might be carrying a concealed weapon. And I certainly think that we are well past the day in age where we can say “well that would never happen at one of my events”. Horrible tragedies as a result of firearms happen each and every day and they can happen to anyone at any time in any place.

That is why anyone planning an event that will have even one person they do not know in attendance better seriously consider having on hand at least one handheld metal detector to ensure the safety of their guests. I don’t even play games anymore with my parties. My son will be 3 in February and my wife and I have decided to have his next party at the Rainforest Cafe. He loves it there and so I will go ahead and spend way too much time and money making sure my son has an enjoyable, and more importantly safe, birthday experience. There will be a bunch of kids I do know and others I know only vaguely. Guess what? They are getting a once over with the metal detector. I don’t care what they think. You’re good enough to come eat the food I bought for you and drink the drinks I’m paying for you’re going to get a once over with the metal detector believe you me. 3 year old? Metal detector. 30 years old? Bet your free-loading behind you’re getting the metal detector. 90 years old? Don’t start no ruckus wont be no ruckus, grandma. Now shuffle over here and let me wave the detector over that big old hand purse of yours.

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I know I make jokes a lot and I don’t honestly intend on bringing a metal detector to a birthday party but in all honesty if I saw someone else do it I would oblige and not judge that person. The point is that the world has been and always will be a crazy place and you can never be too careful. So if you are planning an event of any kind of size please do yourself and your guests a favor by acquiring and using a handheld metal detector.

Stay Safe,

Puzek Security Systems

By Miracle

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