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Top 5 Tech Party Planning Tips for Smart Event Organizers

Top 5 Tech Party Planning Tips for Smart Event Organizers

To all event organizers manually controlling and managing various event related elements for so long, the time has come to give it all these traditional processes a second thought. A number of tech-driven software and tools are now available in the market to automate the otherwise lengthy, time-consuming event related administrative tasks. Here’s a list of the top 5 tech party planning tips that you should glance through.

Online Registration Software

The current trends portray a shift to online registrations as opposed to traditional registrations that requires additional manpower and budgetary allocations. They can automate this task by using an online software. You can create multiple forms either or not in downloadable format plus add your company logo on the forms to retain its corporate identity. Online party registration form is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world thus ensuring you get maximum participants on D-day.

Payment Management Application

PCI-compliant payment solution means organizers do not need to fret about delayed receipt of the registration fees. You may request attendees to send in their fees by using their credit cards or via other leading payment gateways like PayPal. You can track payment status per holiday party easily. Besides, online payment solution enables you to initiate refunds and charge-backs instantaneously.

Emailing Invitations

Instead of writing letters by hand why not take the help of an emailing service to deliver numerous emails within specified timelines. It is quite easy to formulate the content and design of an emailer online and edit them as well. You can send the mail to as many people you want and in the process save time that would otherwise go in writing hardcopy invitations. You don’t need to use paper to invite or remind friends to be present on time. This online service also ensures high response rate since emails get delivered faster and can be viewed anytime via any web enabled device.

Offering Special Discounts Online

You dream of a fully packed house on the event day; you can easily start offering special discounts to online social population out there. You can broaden your reach to lure social media users, website visitors, and blog readers to come and join your 2012 holiday party in large numbers.

Creation of Waitlists

You can create multiple waitlists per event to ensure a sell-out party/event. People on the waitlists will receive automatic notifications on the cancellation of a registration or any ticket booking. It is very convenient to setup waitlists online and all the more easier for interested people to keep a track of the number of empty seats!…

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Boost Your Company Morale With an Events Organizer

Boost Your Company Morale With an Events Organizer

If you are searching for a way to organize an event, especially a corporate event, it is necessary to have an expert around who has experience in the field. These types of services are essentially offered by expert event organizers.

A company should face a lot of unusual circumstances that help them to achieve their goals and uphold a high level of competition. If the company want to achieve its goals, then the company should think about one of its greatest assets ’employees’. The employees of a firm often signify the backbone or supporting crutch of a business and when they are strong the company can be a strong force.

The latter is also true since when workers are unhappy or do not have much belief the company frequently experiences in sales or productivity. This is why one of the objectives of any company, should contain taking care of the individuals they have selected to symbolize their company. This is most effectively achieved only when a company makes a decision to invest in an event rewarding and recognizing their employees.

In the past these types of events has been restricted to a small get together or a paid lunch with the staff members who are available at that time but this doesn’t not make any impact. Events that go the extra mile and well planned out allow employees to escape the working surroundings and attain a genuine enjoyment of the company’s efforts. When taking an event to this next level, it is essential to utilize an events planner. An events organizer represents an person who is well-known with event planning and can present an imminent into what a company needs to succeed in their events objectives.

A lot of companies try to stay away from the expense related to an events organizer by converting one of their workers into the events planner but this often results in costing them more money. This is because an inexperienced events planner will not have the buying power and best connections to give organization and savings for the company’s events. A expert events planner has extensive event planning experience and has long term relations in the right industries.

The professional services of an events organizer will allow your company to set an correct plan immediately from the beginning which leads to limited financial shocks in the future. They will also plan your event delicately to make certain that your key objectives are achieved.…

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Top Locations For Large Office Parties

Top Locations For Large Office Parties

If the saying bigger is better holds any merit, these NYC venues must be the best. Throwing an office party for 200+ guests? Don’t want to have it in a standard hotel ballroom? If limited by a tight budget or faced with accommodating more than 2000 people, the venues below may not be the best way to go. But if you’re looking for a swanky spot to throw the next corporate bash, then check these out:

1. 230 Fifth. With an expansive rooftop garden and fully enclosed Penthouse space, 230 Fifth can accommodate events for up to 1200 guests. Breathtaking views of Manhattan form the backdrop for everything from a cocktail party to dinner to a formal reception. If unique is a key factor, this is one spot that shouldn’t be overlooked.

2. Pranna. Sleek, stylish, and definitely sophisticated, Pranna offers a beautiful event space for parties up to 1000. Each of the three levels offers a slightly different scene and feel, but they all work to create an air of awe. The menu is Asian-inspired fusion but there are plenty of options for everyone, so take a leap and look no further for an office party location that’s anything but run-of-the-mill.

3. Tao. Beautiful space that can fit anywhere from 300 to 1000 guests depending on the style of event. Food that leaves guests with something to talk about long after it’s been eaten. Fully-equipped DJ booth, flexible layout, audio-visual capabilities, and a service-oriented staff that helps pull it all together. Now you can’t ask for much more from a place than that, can you?

4. Puck Building. Considering the Puck Building has over 10,000 square feet and 20 foot ceilings, it’s safe to say this venue was made to throw dramatic parties. A favorite spot among the Fortune 500, the antique building can easily fit more than 1000 guests, accommodate audio-visual needs, and be set up for anything from a wine-tasting to a sit-down meal. It may not be the most cutting-edge venue, but it’s not an award-winning NY landmark for nothing.

5. Chelsea Piers (Bowling). With all the trendy, heel-wearing, dressed-to-impress hoopla in NYC, there has to be someone out there just looking to throw a fun event that makes people laugh, bond, and show off just a little (through a skill that doesn’t involve matching handbags to shoes). No list would be complete without at least considering a corporate event at Chelsea Piers. The Bowling facility has a private VIP event space decked out with a bar, plasma TV screens, and full catering menu. And if that’s too small a space, there’s always the option of just renting the whole thing out for a huge bowling bash. It’s an activity that’s sure to break the ice and loosen up the crowd.…

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5 Tips for Successful Special Events Planning

5 Tips for Successful Special Events Planning

Special events are those that may well not happen again, like a 75th birthday, the opening of a business, or the launching of a new product. These are also events that have a specific goal in mind like a contest or an awards banquet.

To ensure that events like these will be a success, you will need to make sure of several things:

First of all, strategize as much as and as early as possible. Be sure that the purpose of the event will be able to fulfill its goals while campaigning for the support of the people around you that will ensure its success, be it family, co-workers, politicians, or the business community.

Second, give yourself enough time to plan. While a small event like a formal tea for an author may take a short a time as three months to execute perfectly, larger affairs such as a ball may take up to a year to plan. Simply said, the more time you have, the easier it will be for you.

Third, don’t be ashamed to ask. While you may have the knowledge and the expertise needed to plan an event, there is always something that you can learn from someone else. A particularly sticky problem may need advice from an outside source, so don’t hesitate.

Fourth, your checklist is your event planning life-line. A checklist simply reminds you of all the tasks that need to be done and the time in which you need to do it. All the steps that you need to execute this event would be listed in chronological order.

Fifth, stick to your budget. While it’s a real bore to have to list down everything spent, it would be worse to overspend and not get reimbursed. Include all expenses and income on the budget, from the basic sum you received to out-of-pocket expenses, real and projected revenue, and real and projected expenses.…

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What Is An Event Planner?

What Is An Event Planner?

If you are unfamiliar with organising, hosting or even attending corporate events, trade shows, exhibitions, awards dinners and the like then your initial thought when you hear the term “event planner” is probably something along the lines of a party planner. To a certain extent, you’d be right, but there is far more to it than just arranging a bash.

Event planning is a serious profession and requires a certain skill set. The wide range of events that an event planner has to deal with through the course of his or her career ensures that they cannot simply be labelled a “party planner”.

The final result of an event planner’s work is often a great party or event, but they have to focus on the goal of the event and ensure that that goal is achieved. This is what sets them apart from someone who just organises a party. There has to be an aim and it has to be achieved through careful planning and attention to detail or the event itself is a waste of time.

Corporate events will have different goals (networking) to awards dinners (staff morale), which in turn will have a different goal to an exhibition (lead generation). A truly outstanding event planner will know the difference and work accordingly.

Some companies will have an internal event planning team or will leave it to their marketing department, while others will hire in a professional event planning company, of which there are many, all with their own particular specialiaties.

Event planners work long hours in order to make sure every little detail is taken care of for a variety of different events, including seminars, conferences, trade shows, executive retreats, incentive programs, golf events, conventions, and more.

Successful event planners will:

Have excellent verbal and written communication

Have outstanding organisational and time management abilities

Be able to manage a project from start to finish

Be able to multitask

Be able to work alone and in a team as required

Be computer literate, with good database management skills

Focus on the details and work to very tight deadlines

Remain calm under pressure

Be able to negotiate – with venues, caterers and all the services required

Be able to manage budgets

Have good people skills, able to manage staff

Have strong marketing and PR skills

Be able to manage relationships with all levels of staff and management

In addition to the above skills and abilities, a truly great event planner will have extensive experience and knowledge when it comes to:






Conference Services

In addition, they will also have a database of other service providers like lighting, sound, electricians and a host of others!

Whatever event you’re planning, you should enlist the skills of a good event planner to ensure it goes smoothly. Because they will focus on all the organisational requirements, right down to every little detail, and will always bear in mind the goal of the event, it leaves you free to make sure that those you invite are well looked after and leave your event with exactly the right impression of you and your business.…

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Understanding the Pros and Cons of Event Planner Services

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Event Planner Services

It is common for a company to have a variety of events throughout the course of year. These are scheduled to recognize important occasions, to help honor sponsors, to reveal brands, or to acknowledge the hard work that the company’s associates place in their jobs every year.

Irrespective of the aim of your events, it’s vital that they run as smooth as possible to assist the honored guests feel appreciated and not burdened by the altering plans of poor event organization. It is the importance placed on the detail of the execution of these events that inspire many organizations to turn to the professional services of an experienced event planner. Professional planners place a lot of importance to the finer details of the execution and this makes many firms to hire them to organize the corporate events conducted by them.

Once you make use of these planner to run your corporate event you’ll find out that there are a number of benefits that are associated with cashing in on their planner services. The primary profit you’ll find out with a professional event planner is that you are using a person who person that has the expertise and the information needed to predict all the wants your event will need to be run successfully.

The second advantage you’ll discover with a professional planner is that you’re using a person who is closely acquainted with the event planning market, therefore permitting you to have an correct idea of the budget required for your event. A 3rd benefit that is associated with the use of an event planner is found with having an individual who has well-known resources in the planning industry helping you get the best value from your event at prices that you’d be unable to capture without an expert event organizer.

After all all of those positives will be flipped to negatives when you do not look for the professional services of an event organizer and instead look in-house towards the inexperience of an associate. An individual with no event organizer expertise can be uninformed of the dangers that often disclose themselves during the event planner process, resulting in negative aspects of your event.

Additionally, an inexperienced event organizer can not be aware of the numerous aspects included in the event planner process so opening the door for dangerous budget estimations and a high expense event. Finally, an inexperienced event organizer does not have any connections within the event planner industry that leaves them open to being fully charged for event services and unaware of any cash saving opportunities.…

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Is an Online Event Planning Course a Suitable Option?

Is an Online Event Planning Course a Suitable Option?

There are different ways in which you can become a qualified professional in event management and the online event planning course is one among these. Several people, especially working people would find an online event planning course highly suitable.

As mentioned above, regular colleges are not the only option available for people looking for a course in the field of event handling. An online event planning course would be highly suitable for those who are unable to adjust with the timings of a regular course. Nowadays, an online event planning course is also given importance by the recruiters. What attracts most people towards such a course is the ability to study at the most convenient time.

In other words, these online courses enable you adjust the study hours as per your convenience. When it comes to study materials also, these types of courses are very helpful. Reputed online courses ensure that their students are provided with all the study materials according to the requirement. Lack of study materials cannot be a problem if you join reputed courses that are available online.

There are several candidates who work while studying so that they can fund their studies. An online event planning course is really helpful for them since they would be able to find all the study materials and manage their work with studies. There will be opportunities for clarifying your doubts related to studies. In short, it can be said that you would be able to study from the comfort of your home and with your own speed.

Besides, a student would also be provided with access to online forums, student groups etc so that he or she can engage in conversation with others studying the same courses. Although lack of direct access to tutors and other materials can be considered as drawbacks of online courses, these are the perfect for those who lack enough time to attend regular classes in colleges.

However, there is a need to ensure that the organization offering the online course is a reputed one and there are adequate resources available for your studies. It would be better to consult with others before deciding on a particular course offered through online. Also, not all of these online courses would be suitable for you since there is a need to do a course that matches all of your requirements.…

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Event Planning Certification – Gathering Prospects Before Becoming an Event Planner

Event Planning Certification – Gathering Prospects Before Becoming an Event Planner

Perfection in life is what is sought by all. This can be applied for all functions of our daily personal and professional life and some special ones which we cherish for a long time. To avoid occasions being managed badly, people have now acknowledged the need for a professional event planner. Thus if you enter the field of event planning as a professional, definitely you will have a bright today and a brighter tomorrow.

Now to understand the significance of visualizing and planning an occasion beforehand, look at the implications of appointing an event manager. What benefits do you have when you have a fully fledged organized event conducted according to the plans of your professional event manager?

There are many aspects to look after when you’re hosting an event. You have to simultaneously run after workers responsible for decoration, lightening of the hall, get after those responsible for food preparation and you have to ensure that food is served on time. Imagine what a blessing it would be when you just have to warmly welcome your guest and just have to carry out the ceremony according to your family customs. The rest of the arrangements are managed by an event planner.

What do you need to become a successful event planner?

The most important of all required skills are leadership and Excellence in supervision. When you are coordinating an event as a head, you have to deal with a lot of people working for you as functional bodies for different purposes. You need to be authoritative as everyone under you expects you to be in total control. So plan everything solely or with your team beforehand so you can give orders on the spot. You must be very confident about your decisions. This is the key to success in this field and event planning certification can help you develop these skills in a far better way.

It is very important to work as a team and generate a friendly environment. This will definitely lead to cordial working conditions for your workers. When you are not very dominating and respect everyone, they will work with their heart and soul. No doubt the event itself will reflect the efforts.

Time management is very important. You have to be very prompt in your actions throughout the event. As you’re responsible for the way the event goes, you must check out all arrangements. In case of an outdoor event if the electricity goes off you should have all arranged for a good backup generator to work as a substitute, as proper lightening is important for any occasion. You must also keep a check that food is being prepared on time so that it can be served without delays.

You must be sound with your coordination skills to get all the work done simultaneously as this is what event planning is all about. If you have an event planning certification then these things will become easy for you to understand and your natural organizational skills will definitely get a boost.…