Top 5 Tech Party Planning Tips for Smart Event Organizers

By Miracle Jul31,2021

Top 5 Tech Party Planning Tips for Smart Event Organizers

To all event organizers manually controlling and managing various event related elements for so long, the time has come to give it all these traditional processes a second thought. A number of tech-driven software and tools are now available in the market to automate the otherwise lengthy, time-consuming event related administrative tasks. Here’s a list of the top 5 tech party planning tips that you should glance through.

Online Registration Software

The current trends portray a shift to online registrations as opposed to traditional registrations that requires additional manpower and budgetary allocations. They can automate this task by using an online software. You can create multiple forms either or not in downloadable format plus add your company logo on the forms to retain its corporate identity. Online party registration form is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world thus ensuring you get maximum participants on D-day.

Payment Management Application

PCI-compliant payment solution means organizers do not need to fret about delayed receipt of the registration fees. You may request attendees to send in their fees by using their credit cards or via other leading payment gateways like PayPal. You can track payment status per holiday party easily. Besides, online payment solution enables you to initiate refunds and charge-backs instantaneously.

Emailing Invitations

Instead of writing letters by hand why not take the help of an emailing service to deliver numerous emails within specified timelines. It is quite easy to formulate the content and design of an emailer online and edit them as well. You can send the mail to as many people you want and in the process save time that would otherwise go in writing hardcopy invitations. You don’t need to use paper to invite or remind friends to be present on time. This online service also ensures high response rate since emails get delivered faster and can be viewed anytime via any web enabled device.

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Offering Special Discounts Online

You dream of a fully packed house on the event day; you can easily start offering special discounts to online social population out there. You can broaden your reach to lure social media users, website visitors, and blog readers to come and join your 2012 holiday party in large numbers.

Creation of Waitlists

You can create multiple waitlists per event to ensure a sell-out party/event. People on the waitlists will receive automatic notifications on the cancellation of a registration or any ticket booking. It is very convenient to setup waitlists online and all the more easier for interested people to keep a track of the number of empty seats!

By Miracle

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