Corporate Event Planning – Why Should You Hire An Agent?

Corporate Event Planning – Why Should You Hire An Agent?

You are excited for your next corporate event. During that day, you will be meeting new potential clients or attract new investments. You also want to introduce new products you have. Having these goals in mind, you think that this event must be executed successfully. To be able to do that, you need to accomplish the tedious tasks of corporate event planning and the execution of the plan.

In as much as you want to do it alone (or with your internal staff), you later will realize that you will be just overwhelmed by the responsibility put on you. You will need more helping hands and hiring an agent can be a big help.

There are a number of compelling reasons why hiring an agent can be a big help for event planning. Hiring an agent provides you a number of benefits including the following:

Connectivity – a professional event planning agent connects you to best corporate event planning agencies in town. Being in the industry for so long, an agent knows which particular company to go. In fact, most agents are employed or affiliated to event planning companies so it is pretty easy for them to pick one that can give the best service.

Experienced service – an agent’s experience in the industry helps you to become aware of the dos and don’ts of staging a company event. You can avoid common pitfalls that can be fatal, which can possibly compromise the total event outcome.

Resources – when you stage an event you will need things that are not commonly found in your place (because they are not commonly used in your company). When you hire an agent, expect that things you need for the event are readily available for use. For instance, you will need lighting equipment, audio-visuals, chairs and tables, etc.

Rewards – a lot of corporate planning agents or corporate planning agencies give incentives and rewards to loyal clients. This can be in a form of discounts, tokens, and the like. If you are planning to hire an agent, be sure you check if he or the company he belongs offers such rewards, which you can take advantage of.

Protection – when you hire an agent from a corporate event agency, you can get protection in a form of liability insurance. This is given to clients to protect them from potential disastrous mishap. An event agency can also create and execute sound and detailed back-up plans should untoward event happen.…

Lighting to Consider For Weddings

Lighting to Consider For Weddings

Planning for a wedding involves a lot of work and it needs to start months prior to the wedding date. A lot of planners go under a lot of stress which usually makes them forget about a few important details. Lighting is one of the most overlooked elements of events and people usually underestimate the effects lighting has on the success of the event. In weddings, lighting plays a major role in displaying specific components of the event. Hiring a company to provide you with lighting is probably the best option for you since it will take a lot of load off your shoulders and will make your event a definite success if you choose the right lighting company.

A few of the important components that need to be lit well at a wedding include the dance floor, cake, the entrance, the buffet and the bar. Proper lighting provided to these components will make the impact a lot greater and more appreciated by guests. Providing lighting for only a couple of items will require you to use the regular house lights to provide light for the rest of the event. This may seem like a cheaper alternative but is something that you should not consider since the all the special lighting used for the important components will go to waste.

Using up lights to light the surrounding areas is a better alternative if you really want to focus on the main elements of the events. Up lighting covers a wall with the color of your choice. You can use these lights on the walls inside and even at the entrance of the venue. You can also get up lights which change slowly color to create a more dynamic effect. It will cost a bit more than using regular over head lights but will make your wedding venue look a lot more glamorous. The number of up lights you need to use will depend on the size of the venue as well as the layout.

Another area which needs a lot of attention when it comes to lighting is the dance floor and speech area. The moment when the bride and groom dance is probably the most cherished moment of the wedding reception. This is why it is necessary to make that place look as special as possible with using sophisticated lighting. Spotlighting the place where the dance takes place is crucial since everybody will want to see the bride and groom dance. Photos will be taken, videos will be shot and people will be watching, so it’s important to have appropriate lighting for that area.

Once the bride and groom are done dancing it will be time to bring in some livelier music with some awesome lighting which is used in clubs. You will definitely have a DJ handling the console and he will therefore need lighting that is on remotes in order to match the lights with the beats. For instance, slow dances will require a warm glow of steady light and probably a soft halo spotlighting the bride and groom, while faster music will require a more energetic form of lighting such as using lasers.…

A Guide to Perfect Wedding Lighting

A Guide to Perfect Wedding Lighting

When it comes to wedding planning, lighting is something that is usually not looked at too much. Many people prefer to just have special lighting for the dance floor and the entrance and use the normal overhead lighting to light up the rest of the event. Using overhead lighting will entirely kill the effects of the special lighting and you will never be able to make the wedding a unique one if you use standard lighting. The rest of this article will mention all the things that need special lighting and also tell you how to light up the rest of the event to make it unique and special.

The best way to light up your wedding is to use up lights of different colors to cover the walls. These up lights can remain as one color or can change color during the event. Using LED lights also allows you to have more control over the lighting, enabling you to change the intensity of light as well as change color of the light. LED lights also draw out low amounts of power, decreasing the chances of blown fuses as well as keeping the surrounding area a lot cooler since they do not heat up as much as regular lights.

Once you have lit up the rest of the event you will need to focus on the key components of the event. First let us start with lighting the entrance of the wedding venue. Everyone knows that first impressions always last and this is why it is important to give the entrance a spectacular look. The best way to light up the entrance is by using up lights and by projecting the names of the bride and groom using lights. This will definitely amaze your guests as soon as they reach the destination. You can get custom made patterns or pre designed patterns.

After the entrance you will need to light focus on lighting more important things such as the cake, dance floor, speech area and buffet. The dance floor is one place which needs some really good lighting since it is the place where the bride and groom have their first dance. The lighting should be kept constant and subtle while there are slow dances, and can be changed when the party really gets started.

Hiring an experienced lighting company will help you create the best impact and also reduce your troubles. It is better if you allow the lighting team to prepare way in advance (a day or more) so that they can provide the best lighting for your wedding.…

Party Stores – Browse the Aisles

Party Stores – Browse the Aisles

Have you ever wondered why you should go to the party store? Deciding to walk down the aisle, even if it is for no good reason, can be loads of fun. They have so many creative ideas. You never know the next time you will need some ideas, and if you have an inkling of what party stores have, it can really come in handy.

Themes: themes are the way to go. All kinds of themes you can imagine, and maybe some you can’t will be there. Every holiday, every occasion, even if it is no occasion, they will have many things that will go together to make your next get-together a success. Jungle, princess, construction, Hollywood, Twilight, graduation, anniversary, wedding, just to name a few.

Invitations: every party starts with an invitation. Remember the feeling of excitement you get when you open an invitation to a celebration? Just to know that someone thought of you, and spent effort on your behalf is enough to get a warm fuzzy, especially if it is a very selective party.

Decorations: you’ll find plenty of decorations in the party store. For every wall there is a balloon or a scene setter. For every ceiling there are crepe paper streamers or a glitter ball, or some special lighting. For every corner there is an accessory that will enhance your theme in some way, shape or form.

Party Favors: Giving out party favors is a must. Everyone who gives a party should have some sort of ‘thank you’ gift for the attendees. You can give out sacks full of sweets, stickers and toys, bubbles and soaps. If the party is for a teen you can give out music CD’s or candles, or flashlights, etc. Adults get coasters or drink glasses, or tins of mints. Really anything that goes along with your theme is acceptable, just make it something that reminds the people of the party and the good time they had.

Pinatas: almost any gathering is better with a pinata. It can really start the laughs. Grab a pinata, a bat or stick, and a blindfold and let the fun begin. If your party needs a time filler, this is a great one, and everyone always enjoys them.

Costumes: dressing up can add a great deal to a party. Dressing up as someone else gets people into a different world for a few hours, and helps them relax, because anything they do isn’t really them, it’s the character they are portraying that’s doing or saying it. So, people are more likely to be outgoing than they would normally be.

Browse the aisles of the party store to get some ideas because you just never know when you might need some.…

Social and Corporate Event Planning

Social and Corporate Event Planning

The key to a good planning strategy is planning in advance and avoiding as many uncertainties as you can. Of course, there is no way you can eradicate every single uncertainty since there are always going to be last minute problems and there is no perfect plan. The nearest you can get to perfect is planning in advance and creating a list of items that you are going to need for the event. A lot of planners often forget about a few things simply because of the stress they go through while planning. This is why it is important to make sure nothing gets overlooked.

Creating a list for all the stages of the event will keep things organized as well as help you complete every objective you have. Always keep your list with you so that you are able to make changes and keep a track of any adjustments in the timings. This important tool will make things more efficient as well as give you a higher probability of reaching your objectives.

After creating the checklist, it’s time to set a budget. You will have to make a budget based on your list. But since there will be changes in the list, you will surely have changes in the budget. This is why you will need to continuously make changes to the budget. While calculating your budget, make sure you include all costs, i.e. hidden costs and extra fees. Your budget will determine the choices you make and therefore it is crucial to have a precise budget.

Obtaining supplies for the event is another hard and stressful task, requiring you to stick to your budget while buying them and making the best of choices. The quality of supplies you get should be determined by the caliber of the guests and the type of occasion. If you want to really save some money, it is better that you don’t buy supplies that can be rented. Things such as chairs, tables, linen, sound equipment and light equipment can all be rented at reasonably low costs. But remember that you will be paying more if you plan to rent for a longer time. This is why you have to set a fixed and suitable event time.

Event timing is everything. It will decide the costs of obtaining all the supplies. About four hours is good for any event. Anything less than this will be a waste of money and anything more will cost more. If you are planning to have your event indoors then you will not need to worry about the weather conditions outside. However, if you are having an outdoor event, then you will need to consider a few things. An outdoor event in the day time will require some shade if you are having sunny weather. If it’s an outdoor event held in the evening then you will require extra lighting. This is how timings affect your budget in a big way.

Lastly, you must consider hiring a successful and experienced Bay Area Event Planner. Hiring an event planning company will save you a lot of work and surely make things a lot easier. An event company that includes catering, lighting, entertainment, decor and venue location services will help you save a good amount of money since these companies are experienced in negotiating prices and choosing the best supplies and services for your event.…

Enterprise Event Planning: A Checklist For Event Planners

Enterprise Event Planning: A Checklist For Event Planners

An increasing number of organizations are focusing extensively on enterprise events. As an event planner, you will understand the importance of corporate events in the present times. There are various types of corporate events that are hosted for different purposes. Some of the popular types of enterprise events include the following:

Press conferences

Annual functions

Product launches

Partnerships and tie ups

While it is true that events have always been a part of organizations, it is interesting to note that in the present times their frequency has increased at a rather swift pace. Both small sized and large corporations are hosting various kinds of enterprise events for different purposes. The scale of such events varies and herein lies the challenge for you to plan a successful event for your corporate client.

Given the demanding nature of corporate events, you need to take every bit of detail into consideration during the planning stage. Aspects that call for special attention include the following:


Your budget will determine the scale of the event. You might have a great idea for the event but not enough resources to take it to the next level. So, set realistic goals for your events after taking the budget factor into consideration.

Some event planners fail to understand that smaller budgets do not necessarily translate into lukewarm enterprise events. Even with tight budgets, you can organize successful events. All you need is effective planning and a blueprint for the event.


Whether you are organizing a press conference or an annual party, you should not go wrong with the venue. The first thing that you need to ask yourself is the scale of the event. The venue should accommodate the event attendees. Furthermore, it should be accessible for your attendees. Your attendees should not find it difficult to locate it. When it comes to venue selection, there are plenty of options to choose from. So, you need to choose wisely and negotiate tactfully. The final selection should be made after reviewing a few locations for the event.


Your attendees should get their invitations for the event on time. This is particularly important when your event is around the corner. Make sure your invites contain necessary information about the event, venue, speakers etc.

Time management

You may get a request for arranging a corporate in just a week’s time or even less. While it is indeed challenging to pull off the entire thing within such short notice, excellent time management skills can ensure the success of your event. You need to get a dynamic team that will focus on various aspects of corporate event planning including food, lodging, entertainment and more.


Most venues offer catering services for event organizers. This option saves both time and resources. You can suggest the menu and look for options. Significantly, the menu has to be determined by the ambience of the event. For example, you need to decide whether alcoholic beverages should be offered at the event.

Enterprise event planning is a challenging domain that requires you to plan everything properly. Your priorities will differ and you will be required to put in extra effort. So, always have a checklist ready to meet your deadlines and arrange a successful event.…

An Appropriate Venue – The Key to a Successful Event Planning

An Appropriate Venue – The Key to a Successful Event Planning

Finding an appropriate and perfect venue for an event is an essential task and needs to be performed with care. Going for monotonous spots and venues will not only make your event boring but also will fail to attract the attention of attendees who are willing to attend the event. A good choice of venue can result in a memorable and unique event. Here are some tips that can help you while choosing a venue for your event.

· Plan in Advance:

The initial step that must be taken in order to find out a perfect venue is to plan the event in advance. The best locations or venues are sure to be busy during the peak times of the year and you can miss out the chances. So to avoid risk of not getting the perfect venue, book it as early as possible. However if you are not able to manage the time, do not be disappointed as there are enormous variety of venues within the country, that can offer a good venue for your event.

· Identify the category of event:

The type or the kind of event that is going to be organized completely influences the choice of the venue. So you must have an in depth knowledge of what the event is and what can be achieved from it. Whether it is a trade show, business meet, product launch party, exhibitions, anniversaries or any other type of events, there must be a different venue for each kind so that the event does not become conventional.

· Track the size of the attendees:

Event planners must be aware of the number of the people who are attending the event. It is a very important task and must be dealt smartly. If you are expecting few people to attend your event and the budget is limited, there is no point of booking a big hall or auditorium. However, if you want to please your guests and attendees and there is no budget constraint, you can choose an expensive and more appropriate venue accordingly.

· Accessibility, security and parking facilities:

Reaching the venue is vital. As an event planner, you must ensure that there is easy accessibility to the venue and no security issues that can further hamper the event. Parking is also a vital part that must be considered. Indentify whether there are adequate parking spaces within the venue.

· Proper Budget planning:

Consider the budget while choosing a venue. Extra cost incurred can ultimately lead you to great problems. Ensure that your payments are cleared before the event gets started and there is a proper documentation. This will help you in situations like event cancellation and other such problems.

Thus, event planners can take the help of the above mentioned tips for finding out an ideal and affordable event venue, which can make your event successful.…

Top Locations For Small Office Parties

Top Locations For Small Office Parties

There are a few times when the lack of real estate space in NYC actually comes in handy. Maybe not when it comes to apartment hunting, but surely when it involves finding venues to accommodate small parties. One of the great things about this city is the seemingly endless number of restaurants, bars, and entertainment establishments that are ready, willing, and able to host corporate events – even when you’re booking a small size party. The venues below are perfect for having a small to medium sized event because of the ability to section off private space, the owner and staff’s attentiveness, and/or unique attributes that only a smaller venue can bring…because having a small office party doesn’t mean having to skimp on style or service.

1. Vintage Irving. This great little wine bar is the perfect setting for a classy event with a fun twist. The Tasting Room is a private section that can be reserved for up to 30 guests. Have more than that? Rent out the entire restaurant and accommodate up to 100 guests. Vintage Irving is conveniently located next to Sidebar, a bar / lounge with flat screen TVs and pumping music for when the wine buzz kicks in and the party is ready to take it up a notch.

2. ‘inoteca. The Lower East Side location has a downstairs room that is perfect for small parties. With outstanding food, stylish d?�cor, and tons of people clamoring to get in, the private room feels like a haven in a hotspot.

3. Kitchen & Cocktails. Murray Hill as a location may leave something to be desired, but if you have a younger, fun office crowd, Kitchen & Cocktails offers a good alternative to the normal office party venues. The back room has its own bar and can be rented out for private events, making it convenient to keep the bar crowd separate, but easy to mingle with the music.

4. Sagaponack Bar & Grill. A beautiful space in the Flatiron District that can accommodate up to 55 guests in the semi-private mezzanine level or 165 guests in both the main and mezzanine space combined. Elegant, stylish and suitable for dinner or just drinks, this restaurant will impress without necessarily breaking the bank.

5. Lavagna. This place is known for great food, great staff, and great atmosphere. Lavagna is an East Village favorite because of its versatility. Whether looking for a laid-back scene that feels as comforting as home or a trendy spot filled with ambiance, Lavagna fits both bills and manages to do so seamlessly. Despite its popularity, the restaurant is accommodating to parties and intimate enough to make guests feel like staying for another glass of vino.

6. Chinatown Brasserie. With 2 private rooms (one bigger and one smaller) Chinatown Brasserie can accommodate parties ranging from 20 to 75. Asian fusion cuisine might not be everyone’s favorite, but for an adventurous crowd that wants a scene, this is not your average Chinese restaurant. And at the end of the day, who really doesn’t love dumplings?…

Choosing an Event Lighting Company

Choosing an Event Lighting Company

No matter what kind of event you are organizing, lighting plays a major part in making that event a success. It can completely change the atmosphere of the place and make the place appear extremely different. You can turn a dull store room into a lively party lounge just by adding in the perfect lighting. This is why it is important to get an event lighting company that knows how to make a normal event into the best event with using the right lighting.

Creating a whole new atmosphere with lighting requires great skill and creativity. But you do not have to worry about how the place is going to look since the lighting company usually takes care of that. But choosing the right lighting company is something that you will have to spend a little time in.

There are numerous lighting companies that have laid out lighting plans from which you can pick. They usually do not charge too much and have decent lighting designs. However, if you want really transform the venue into a magical place then you will have to design the lighting according to the layout of the venue. This is why it is better to choose a lighting company that has an option of customized lighting.

There are many ways to customize lighting for events and many options of lighting designs, but you need to do a little research before laying out a plan. If you want lighting for a wedding then you will need to understand that there are many specific components in weddings that require lighting. You should also understand that lighting only a couple of items does not create a very good impact.

A good lighting company will focus mainly on details in order to increase the effect of the lighting. Also, an experienced lighting designer will know that it is important to keep the ambient light at a very low level and set up lights to focus on the key elements of the event. Another overlooked and important part of lighting design is how the lighting stands are placed. It is important to place these stands in places where it does not spoil the look of the venue and get in the way of people.

All these tiny details may not be noticed by the guests, but the overall look of the venue will appear completely different. This is why it is important to choose a lighting company that has good experience with event planning, since they are the ones that understand the importance of small details.…

Tips For Choosing The Best Anniversary Gift

Commemorations are one of those minutes when it’s an ideal opportunity to give gifts and powers us to consider what will be the perfect alternative inside our conceivable outcomes, what will please or energize your accomplice. Yet, we don’t know what to pick, what might be suitable or not, or how it will be deciphered. In the present circumstance, the initial step is to pose ourselves three essential inquiries:

  1.  What are your partner preferences? Is there anything individual about her that I should consider? Remember that the gifts should be for the other individual, that we should consider something unique, and that the person in question likes it (sympathy is essential to progress).
  2. Is the anniversary gift appropriate for this event? Ordinarily, the facility can be too fitting, yet not the circumstance. A Christmas gift isn’t equivalent to a gift for the couple’s principal anniversary or the other individual’s birthday or a knack for it.
  3. Is this the right opportunity to give it? The stage that the couple is experiencing is a significant angle to consider while picking an anniversary gift. It isn’t the equivalent to have been dating for a couple of months for what it’s worth seeing someone years; each stage is extraordinary and should likewise be considered if we need to give a decent gift.

The stage the couple is experiencing is a significant angle while picking a gift. The anniversary gift should communicate to the couple that we have considered everything and produce shock and hallucination. Like this, today we will discuss what we can provide for our accomplice as indicated by the snapshot of the relationship where we are, that is, the time we have been together. You will discover distinctive solid choices since the main thing is to pick, contemplating what we need to state with that detail, what we need to accomplish, and if our accomplice will get it with the very aim that we parted with it. Since, typically, contingent upon the relationship’s snapshot, we will need to express a few things or others to our accomplice.

In the initial three months

Suppose you have been dating that individual for one to a quarter of a year. In that case, the best activity is to give them some customized detail that isn’t private and not associated with the couple and yet shows that we are becoming a more acquainted individual. A variety of chocolates or a flame with a directive for the house would be acceptable alternatives.

Likewise, we can coordinate a date as a gift or purchase something startling with that individual.

Three to a half-year

At the point when the relationship has passed the principal quarter, you can give a fun or more sentimental encounters where the individual can pick various choices because possibly we don’t have any acquaintance with her yet and permit her to choose – for instance, with an anniversary gift pack or box-can be a decent choice not to miss.

Youthful couple

After the principal months, we can present more sentimental gifts. We can likewise begin to enter the sexual field to make all the difference for the game and make it a spot to start to go further.

Another great alternative is to astonish the couple by indicating that we consider them, for instance, with a morning meal at home.

From a half year to the year

If we have been with an individual for the more significant part of a year, we now have more data about them, and we can begin to customize our gifts. Thus, here is the place where we need to toss a little creative mind. We need to remember that the sentimental part will rely upon the reality and development of every relationship. As a thought, we can make a little photo collection of the principal months, compose a letter communicating what we feel, give some gems (for the two people) to wear, and that tee has to be presented consistently.

From the year

Whether it requires some investment together, it is imperative to deal with subtleties and keep shocks. After the couple’s significant anniversary, any gift choice can be acceptable as long as it doesn’t comprise a commitment or an errand to perform.…