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Lighting to Consider For Weddings

By Miracle Jan29,2021

Lighting to Consider For Weddings

Planning for a wedding involves a lot of work and it needs to start months prior to the wedding date. A lot of planners go under a lot of stress which usually makes them forget about a few important details. Lighting is one of the most overlooked elements of events and people usually underestimate the effects lighting has on the success of the event. In weddings, lighting plays a major role in displaying specific components of the event. Hiring a company to provide you with lighting is probably the best option for you since it will take a lot of load off your shoulders and will make your event a definite success if you choose the right lighting company.

A few of the important components that need to be lit well at a wedding include the dance floor, cake, the entrance, the buffet and the bar. Proper lighting provided to these components will make the impact a lot greater and more appreciated by guests. Providing lighting for only a couple of items will require you to use the regular house lights to provide light for the rest of the event. This may seem like a cheaper alternative but is something that you should not consider since the all the special lighting used for the important components will go to waste.

Using up lights to light the surrounding areas is a better alternative if you really want to focus on the main elements of the events. Up lighting covers a wall with the color of your choice. You can use these lights on the walls inside and even at the entrance of the venue. You can also get up lights which change slowly color to create a more dynamic effect. It will cost a bit more than using regular over head lights but will make your wedding venue look a lot more glamorous. The number of up lights you need to use will depend on the size of the venue as well as the layout.

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Another area which needs a lot of attention when it comes to lighting is the dance floor and speech area. The moment when the bride and groom dance is probably the most cherished moment of the wedding reception. This is why it is necessary to make that place look as special as possible with using sophisticated lighting. Spotlighting the place where the dance takes place is crucial since everybody will want to see the bride and groom dance. Photos will be taken, videos will be shot and people will be watching, so it’s important to have appropriate lighting for that area.

Once the bride and groom are done dancing it will be time to bring in some livelier music with some awesome lighting which is used in clubs. You will definitely have a DJ handling the console and he will therefore need lighting that is on remotes in order to match the lights with the beats. For instance, slow dances will require a warm glow of steady light and probably a soft halo spotlighting the bride and groom, while faster music will require a more energetic form of lighting such as using lasers.

By Miracle

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