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Make a Plan to Get Into an Exciting Career As a Conference and Event Planner

By Miracle Feb17,2022

Make a Plan to Get Into an Exciting Career As a Conference and Event Planner

Are you looking to find your first career? Or maybe you already have a career but would love to embark in a new and exciting career path? How would you like to enter the fast-paced and exciting area of conference and event planning?

Conventions, events and meetings are one of the fastest growing segments of the economy and encompass multiple aspects of all industries. Event planning courses have as an objective to show students a broad range of knowledge and processes, administration skills and practical tools that will assist them in dealing with situations within a conference and event planning related career.


A conference and event planner is a special type of individual. It is essential to carry the qualities of being outgoing, charismatic and certainly energetic. An event planner will play a huge and dynamic role within the organization for which he/she works.


A good conference and event planner program should leave graduates with the following skills and knowledge to successfully step into their professional careers:

The knowledge and skills necessary to handle conferences and events for a variety of business sectors

An introduction to the planning and coordinating the logistics of events

Professional skills including how to negotiate, the decision making process, working in a team, communication skills, customer service skills, leadership, research and problem solving techniques

Proficiency in Microsoft Office Applications

Event planning courses will usually involve the following areas of study:

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Business correspondence

Business essentials, financial management and math

Negotiations and contracts

Business presentations, supervisory skills and verbal communications

Conference and event management

Customer service skills

Event marketing

Business writing and grammar skills

Human resource management

Intro to internet

Employment skills

Management fundamentals

Marketing and sales

Microsoft Access, Excel, Outlook

Microsoft PowerPoint, Publisher,Word and Windows

Project Management Fundamentals

Graduates of event planning courses can find employment in a varied number of great settings. They find exciting work in the sector of tourism, trade and professional associations. They can also seek employment in convention and conference centres, government agencies and conference and event planning companies. In addition, the skills learned in event planning courses are transferable to other sectors of employment. This makes it the ideal diploma to have as graduates can look for employment opportunities not only within the industry, but in other sectors of employment as well.

Careers that event planning courses can lead to include:

Conference and Meeting Planner

Conference Services Officer

Convention Coordinator

Event Planner

Special Events Organizer

Trade Show Planner

There’s no reason to shy away from an exciting and new career! Event planning courses can be your ticket to get there!

By Miracle

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