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Handheld Metal Detectors Help Keep Major Events Safe

By Miracle Apr4,2022

Handheld Metal Detectors Help Keep Major Events Safe

Handheld metal detectors are an absolute must at any gathering of substantial size or where the attendees are not familiar to one another. This not only ensures the safety of guests in attendance, it can also help protect the promoter from being held liable should a situation arise where an attendee was injured by a weapon of some sort that would have otherwise been detected. You see handheld metal detectors almost everywhere these days. From airports, to concerts to sporting events, authorities and promoters alike are taking careful measures and implementing the use of handheld metal detectors to ensure the safety of their guests. And as technology in every field continues to grow exponentially so does handheld metal detector technology. The super expensive, bulky, time consuming walk-through models of the past are being replaced with the much more cost effective handheld devices you now see.

There are several different brands of handheld metal detectors but if you want to know what the pros use (and hence what is the best brand available) I’ll tell you with zero reservation that it is undoubtedly Garrett. There is a reason that professional law enforcement will use a particular brand and that is because it works. There is little point in purchasing and using a substandard device when the implications of doing so could be ever so dire. Use a second rate metal detector that doesn’t detect a small blade that one of the concert goers is carrying and you could very well have a fatality on your hands. Aside from the obvious and tragic loss of life, a promoter may very well be held legally liable for this person’s untimely and unfortunate death as some negligence could be proven if the promoter knew a substandard device was being used to protect his or her guests.

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My favorite of the bunch is the Garrett superwand. This device is the lightest of any I’ve actually held at just over 18 ounces. It also has two alarm modes, one that is audible if any metal object is detected and one that is silent and simply vibrates when metal is detected. You can purchase rechargeable batteries for this device (and most Garrett handheld devices) but a simple 9 volt battery will give you 80-plus hours of continuous use. This handheld metal detector will also operate at full capacity in the harshest of elements, from -35A? F (-37A? C) to 158A? F (70A? C) (perfect for outdoor sporting events in the winter or concerts in the summer). If the temperature is outside of that range i think you’ve got bigger problems to deal with.

So please implement the use of a handheld metal detector if you are planning on holding an event of any size and help ensure that each of your attendees enjoys their time and makes it home safely.

Stay Safe,

Carl Vouer

By Miracle

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