Corporate Event Planning – Tips To Help To Stay In Budget

By Miracle Apr13,2022

Corporate Event Planning – Tips To Help To Stay In Budget

Staying within the allotted budget is important when planning any event. There are so many things that need to be taken care of. So here are points to help you stay within the allotted budget and maybe even below it!

Controlling the Budget

Event planning budgeting is the most crucial component of event planning. Think about all the aspect and components of the event before deciding the budget. Here is couple of tips to help you set up a budget and watch the expenditures.

• If you are following an older budget that was used for a previous then increase by 10-15% to account for higher prices. Also add 10% to the final budget to deal with contingencies.

• Keep a daily tab on the expenses so that errors and over expenditure can be corrected.

• Stick to your budget when it comes to the venue. Discuss your budget restrictions with the venue and the contractors. Since they will want to keep your business most of them will try to work something out.

• Ask for discounts if you pay in cash. Since the vendor won’t have to pay the credit card charges you are saving them money. Ask them to reciprocate and give you a discount.

• Limit the money decision to a limited number of people. Too many cooks spoil the broth. This old adage applies to this situation. If you have too many people making monetary decisions, you will have financial chaos.

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• Be flexible with your event date. For example, holding the event on a weekday will ensure you get better service

• Give a history of the previous events when talking to possible venues and vendors. This will get you better service as the contractors will try to secure your future business.


Choosing the right location is a major part of making the event a success. So here are some tips to help you get the right venue at the best possible price.

• Do the venue research online. This will save you the time you would have spent visiting venues. Get in touch with your local Chamber of Commerce about possible venue options. The administration tries to keep as much business as possible within the city and they will help you find a suitable venue in the city. In fact, they have a database of venues in the city and they will do most of the calling and legwork for you.

• Keeping the event local will lower your costs considerably compared to organizing the event in some distant city.

• Take a camcorder or camera along when you go location scouting. Take pictures of all the venues you visit. This will help when you sit down to decide on a venue.

Following these points will help you stay within your San Jose Event Planning budget.

By Miracle

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