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New York’s Best Beer Venues

By Miracle Nov21,2020

New York’s Best Beer Venues

If your friend says “beer venue” and you instantly think of a smelly, boring bar filled with overweight men, you clearly haven’t explored the NYC beer scene. Shame on you. But if you’re looking to redeem yourself and willing to acknowledge the long, long way that beer venues have come in this city, check out these beer havens – OK some might actually smell a tad like hops but if they didn’t, what would be the point? Whether you’re in the mood to relax with friends, pick up strangers, or trend it up (and yes that is possible now), there’s something for everyone.

The Summer Standbys:

d.b.a. (delightful beer atmosphere) – OK so that’s not really what it stands for but it might as well. This East Village hangout has a huge beer list, decent amount of indoor / outdoor seating, and eclectic crowd. Enough said.

LoreleyBiergarten – It’s always packed and always noisy, but there are few better places to waste away a summer afternoon than in this LES space with communal benches. Don’t worry about getting carried away with their great selection of German beers and delicious pretzels, because everyone else there is doing exactly the same.

Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden – So it requires traveling to Astoria. Do it (now)! No need to be Czech to enjoy this place. Grab a group of friends and spend the day (or night) in a huge outdoor garden filled with picnic tables and good-spirited company. They are known for their delicious food, occasional live music and pretty inexpensive prices. That’s a combination worth commuting for.

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When Beer is Just a Means to an End:

McSorley’s Old Ale House – There are only two choices: dark or light. Seriously. Fans don’t necessarily come to McSorley’s for the quality beer, but they do come for a guaranteed good time and an almost guaranteed hangover. It’s rare to see someone walking straight after spending a few hours here and the owner / bartenders make sure of it. Go with a group that can hang and on a day you’ve pretty much written off, because after chugging these pints and singing a few Irish songs, you won’t be good for much else.

Posh Places:

The Standard Beer Garden – Don’t be fooled by the name because there’s nothing standard about this lovely outdoor space. Pretty people, expensive beers, ping pong tables, and limited seating. So why would you go? Because it’s the new “it” spot in Meatpacking. Which means it’s less about the beer and more about the social scene, but definitely fun.

Superdive – You might be wondering why a place that has Champagne Tuesdays makes this list. But where else can you order kegs to the table in lieu of Greygoose bottles? Superdive is not exactly divey based on the decked out clientele, but that’s what makes it the perfect party place for hosting your next faux-casual event.

By Miracle

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