Top 5 best event planners in Pakistan

It is very difficult to find the best wedding planner especially when you live in Pakistan. Every single planner and management company is doing its best to gain more clients and to gain the trust of people.

Besides lighting, decoration, etc, these companies also make arrangements for proper food, catering, and sound system.

This article is about the best event management companies that will help you guys with further bookings.


It seems to be the duty of the bride’s parents to manage and arrange the function but in order to transfer their burden, most people take the services of an event management company. Bookirea is the first online company of events management. They are not just an event management company, they also provide bookings to other venues, caterers, and other companies.

They use their unique themes to give a glamorous touch to the whole wedding event. They provide top decor services for weddings, bridal showers, birthday parties, and surprise parties. You can visit their social media forum if you want to know more about them. To check your internet speed, click on the link below.

Tulip event management

Tulip Event management is another wonderful event management company located at LG Saddiq Trade Center Gulberg II. Their color theme selection makes them classier. They do resort-styled sitting arrangements with an outstanding big hall. They also offer themed stage decor and sound system facilities. They have vast and professional experience in event management. So, if you are looking for a classy event venue and other quality services do visit them.

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They never make compromises on the quality of their services. So, it’s the best place for you if you are going to plan a huge event.

Aala event management

It is located in Gulberg II. They do fix marquee styled sitting arrangements. They also have one big hall which accommodates 5,000 guests at a time. If you are looking for tasty food and amazing decor then you are in the right place. They offer their hall for many events like concerts, seminars, weddings, birthdays, and much more.

Lumineux event management

They are the top event planners in Lahore. They will fulfill all your needs and desires by using the latest trends in weddings. They can also arrange an indoor setting as well as an outdoor setting for the event according to the requirement of their clients.

These were the top 5 event planners in Pakistan. There are plenty more that you can find using the internet. You can also check the speed of your internet by using our tool.