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Discover a Career in Event Planning

By Miracle Nov7,2020

Discover a Career in Event Planning

To be successful in this industry you must have good communication, organizational and budgeting skills.

The educational requirements may vary depending on whether you are branching out in your own business or working for an organization, however, a degree in the hospitality field is very helpful.

If you choose to go in to event planning, you can focus on many types of events or specialize in just one type of event.

Here are some of the different types of event planning careers you can explore.

Wedding Planner

For many women having a career revolving around wedding seems like a dream job. As a wedding planner you will be responsible for arranging the wedding location, decorations, entertainment and reception.

Many people that hire wedding planners are looking for their dream of the perfect wedding to come to life. So it is very important to be able to multi-task and listen to the vision the client desires.

As a wedding planner, you can be self-employed with your own business or work for a resort that specializes in weddings.

Special Occasion Planner

As a special occasion planner you will be able to plan many types of events.

You could spend one day planning a birthday party and the next planning an anniversary celebration. It is important to be creative when planning special occasions you do not want your events to lack imagination.

You want your clients to feel like their event is going to leave a lasting impression on their guests.

As with a wedding planner, you can branch out and begin your own special occasion planning business – or you can contact some of the convention centers and hotels in the area and inquire as to positions in their event planning department.

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Meetings and Convention Planner

Many companies and industries hold large meetings and conventions each year.

In order for these large events to take place many times you need a professional meeting and convention planner.

In this position, you may be responsible for finding the location to hold the event, arranging hotel accommodations, finding vendors or speakers, planning a menu as well as organizing printed materials.

As a meeting planner you must be able to negotiate and deal with many types of people. It is very important to be able to manage a large group of people and coordinate with many types of vendors for your event or meeting to run smoothly.

By Miracle

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