Event Planning Training – How To Name An Event Planning Business

By Miracle Sep26,2021

Event Planning Training – How To Name An Event Planning Business

It is commonly said that the title of a book is half of the information about the book, and it is really true in the case of naming a new company. For a businessman, deciding name for the business is like naming a new born baby. Name leaves a great impact on others and it reflects the intensity of the business. You can name your business by having some important points in mind.

Subject: During event planning training you are trained to arrange different kinds of events but there would be some specific events which you can handle nicely so you can name your business according to that. If you are a wedding and party planner then select a name related to the subject that creates a colorful and joyful feeling inside and on the other hand if you are good at conference or business meetings then go for a sophisticated name that shows the grace and commitment of the company.

Different language: this is another interesting way to acquire client’s attention. Select a name from any other language which has a good meaning related to your business; it can grab the attention of the client easily. But make sure to select a melodious name. You need to deal foreigner clients as well so in event planning training students are encouraged to learn different foreign languages and this could be a good step to get attention of foreign clients as well.

Simple and short: it is better to select a simple and short name, it dose not mean to select a common or old fashioned name, but make sure that the name you select can easily be pronounced and spelled, so every one can take your company’s name with out any obstacle.

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Use of puns: in event planning training people are taught to use creativity, and use of puns shows your creativity; it explains your work in dual meaning and makes it interesting. A little bit change in spelling can make it more noticeable for the people for example if you want to name your company ”Cool Parties” you can write ”Kool Parties”; this might grab the attention of the people.

Logo: Never forget the importance of the logo for your company, so when you choose a name, see if it fits in the logo you design for the company?

Personal name: some people prefer to give their own names to their business, it is fine but still if you want to bring a little change or creativity, you can use the initials in bold for example John Smith (J S).

Make sure to choose an impressive and meaningful name for your business that grabs the attention of the client.

By Miracle

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