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Demerit Point System Overview Current Event Good News

Every driver in Toronto is aware of demerit points acquired for traffic violations. A lot of them has experienced the consequences of demerit points on their own. But do you know the background of the demerit point system? Here are some facts Current Event Good News that will help you to understand this system better.

Demerit Points

Most people see the system of demerit points as a fair punishment for offenders. Traffic rules aim at promoting friendly and healthy atmosphere on Canada roads. However, these rules are Current Event Good News violated very often. And the system of demerit points takes the cases of offense re-occurrence into account. You cannot just pay fine and forget about your traffic ticket. Points on your driving record will remind you about it. And therefore, you must be twice careful not to commit the offense again. Otherwise you’ll have to face heavy consequences.
So let’s clear up what is this system in reality. In Canada, points are meted out to the offender in addition to the general penalty. Demerit points are personal. This means that they can be issued only to the offender. They cannot be imposed to the owner via the vehicle registration number. As a rule, the number of points depends on the offense. The more serious offense – the more demerit points will appear on your driving record.
The main purposes of this system are the following:
– prevention
– selection
– correction
How does it work? Being a driver, you should pay attention to your behavior on the road. If you get a lot of demerit points, your driver’s license will be suspended. So you should try your best not to get a traffic ticket. This way the preventative measure works Current Event Good News.
If you have too many points on your driving record, your driver’s license will be suspended. You’re considered as a high-risk driver. Demerit point system “selects” those drivers who are dangerous for other people and prohibits them from driving. Therefore, it ensures safety on the roads.
The driver can reduce the number of points by visiting driver’s educational courses. This way drivers can improve their driving habits and get rid of the part of their points. It is the third goal of this system, correction.
However, there is one big “BUT”. Demerit point system can cause undesirable effects at the same time. How so? As you already know current event news, points on your driving record can cause the license suspension. But sometimes license suspension does not keep drivers from driving. There is a great number of those driving without license. And do you really believe that a driver without driving license will keep to all the road rules?.. One more undesirable effect is “hit-and-run” offenses. If the driver has acquired a lot of points on his driving record, he will avoid meeting with the police officer. That’s why he can cause the accident and run away. And this may lead to very serious consequences, as you can imagine.
Considering all the facts above, we can see that demerit point system is not the best tool of regulating traffic rules. But together with other penalties it makes a job of preventing road accidents and promoting safety on Canada roads.

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