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Gifts for the Wedding Party

By Miracle May21,2021

Gifts for the Wedding Party

There are so many unique ways to show thanks to those that are having an active role in your special day. Perhaps the best way to ensure that the gifts for your wedding party will be memorable is to focus on the individual taste of each recipient. The gifts don’t need to be extravagant, but they should all be similar in value. Of course it would be okay to spend a little more on your maid of honor and best man.

You could buy a different version of the same item for each bridesmaid but have varying colors and styles to set them apart. Items could be necklaces or earrings with different designs or picture frames suited to each woman’s decor. What is a better way to represent that individual than with a personalized item? For bridesmaids you could buy a tote, terry towel wrap or charm bracelet and have their name or initials monogrammed on the front. Another fun idea is to get warm up suits that say bridesmaid across the back for all the ladies. It is something cute and comfy for all to wear while getting ready that day! Some personalized suggestions for your groomsmen are a flask, mug/glass or money clip and have their name or initials monogrammed on it.

You could also indulge your attendants with special experiences related to their interests. For instance, if one is a golfer, he’d probably enjoy a round of free golf at his favorite course. For a movie buff, tickets to a local cinema or a subscription to a DVD rental service placed inside a popcorn bowl with a bag of popcorn. Say one is an amateur chef, how thrilled they would be to receive a great cookbook and attend a gourmet cooking class.

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Whether it is the simplest of gifts or something above and beyond, try to stay true to that person and they are bound to be pleased!

By Miracle

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