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Top 5 Tips to Reduce Your Event Planning Workload

By Miracle May18,2021

Top 5 Tips to Reduce Your Event Planning Workload

An event, though planned to usher in good times, often arouses a sense of phobia amongst those who are in charge of organizing it. Be it a private event or a large scale, corporate program, the organizers do tend to get cold feet when assigned with such daunting tasks. The workload seems to bog them down a lot which eventually hampers the quality that the guests and the participants expect. Availing a good event planning software online eliminates much of these laborious tasks.

Broadly speaking, an online event planning software streamlines the responsibilities of an event organizer by automating a multitude of processes including registrations, data entry, mailing, payment processing, and reporting.

Here are the top five tips on how you can use the solution to reduce your workload while planning an event:

Reduce manual data entry:

If you are still following the manual method of accepting event registrations via paper forms, opt for a fast shift to the online procedure. Manual registrations require transferring of the data individually from paper forms to the system database. This process, apart from being time-intensive, is extremely error-prone and may lead to important data loss. With online event registrations you can do away with this problem. The process involves little or no data entry work, as the information collected via online registration forms is directly submitted to a secure digital database.

Process your payments online:

Mechanical payment processing which once required organizers to wait for paper checks from registrants to clear or make weekly trips to the nearest bank to deposit event registration fees is quite outdated now. Today, you can rely on an online payment management solution to streamline all your accounting related jobs. The software facilitates real-time payment processing and verifies the credit card information submitted by every registrant before depositing the funds directly into the organizer’s merchant account all in one hassle-free transaction. Your registrants too enjoy the ease of making payments online for reserving their spots at your event.

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Automate your email follow-ups

Do not engage your staff in emailing and re-emailing invitations, RSVPs and similar other follow-ups. There are many other important tasks to be performed. Avail of the event-list management tool, and automate your processes of bulk email messaging. This will eliminate any duplication of work or confusions related to collaborations rendering immense satisfaction to your valued registrants.

Go in for social media marketing

While developing a marketing strategy for your event, include social media promotions. This mode of marketing requires minimal investment both in terms of time and money. You can promote your event via a number of powerful social networks. The social media connector of the event planning software online will make your work even easier by downloading profiles of your guests directly on to your private community network.

Avail custom reporting

Do not rely on a third party vendor to get your event performance analytics done. This may delay the whole process of report generation leading to loss of potential business opportunities. Make use of the custom reporting tool of the event planning software online. The functionality uses all the metrics that are relevant to your event and gets your report done in a very short span of time. This in turn, expedites the process of making follow-up calls and business lead generation.

By Miracle

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