7 Event Planning Tips

By Miracle May26,2021

7 Event Planning Tips

To become a good event planner, one must understand the pros and cons of event planning as a business and consider the finer aspects of the process, on the whole. Thus, the planner must ensure that all the jobs are being handled in order to meet the expectations of the client. A single mistake can ruin the event and all the effort hard work will be in vain.

So, here is a list of event planning tips that will assist you to make your event unique and memorable.

1. The foremost thing that the event planner must keep in mind is to maintain a checklist and note down important tasks that needs to be executed within the specified timelines. Keep handy, the contacts of the suppliers in case you need to get in touch with them for emergencies. Also have a back-up list for suppliers just so if one of the key suppliers fail to meet the target. If budget permits, engage the best suppliers; this will add up to your reputation.

2. The budget is the most important factor and if the funds are not distributed in proportion, there will be chances of a deficit. So consider the capital required for various expenses such as the menu, stage arrangements, decorations, transportation, payments to the suppliers and vendors, etc.

3. Book the venue at least six months prior to the event date. This will provide you with ample time to inspect the venue and deal with any issues that may arise in this interim period. Additionally, it is advisable to hire the venue in advance in order to out in the details in the guest invites as early as possible.

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4. Effective communication is essential while planning an event. You have to follow up with your clients regularly and keep them informed of the updates related to the event. Always keep in mind that the needs of the clients are primary and must be given utmost importance. This will also help to build a personal connection, as the client will feel a sense of involvement.

5. Aim at maintaining good rapport with your previous clients as much as possible. This will keep the clients engaged with your upcoming events, well-informed about the services offered by you and fortunately you may also get new assignments through recommendations.

6. Create a personality which is comfortable, so that everyone can interact with you freely. Try to create a light environment and handle work collectively with a positive attitude. This will help in expanding your network and grow as a successful event planner.

7. Promotion is also a vital part where you need to think of creative ideas and thoughts to make your event extraordinary. Promote the event on social sites and other media platforms to attract the attention of the prospective attendees.

By Miracle

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