Popular Wedding Trends in 2010

Popular Wedding Trends in 2010

There seems to be a burst of creativity in weddings this season. I have started to see many weddings that have bright, bold, and trendy designs that are not so much traditional anymore. More brides seem to want their wedding to be anything but traditional. Here is a list of popular trends in weddings this year.

Wedding Locations- Outdoor weddings on a farm, vineyard, or even in a backyard are very popular right now. An outdoor event makes for a fun, laid back vibe. With outdoor weddings you don’t feel as much pressure to decorate as much, since nature has already taken care of that for you.

Veil- The birdcage veils are making a major comeback. You can have this vintage look combined with a jeweled clip, or a feathered headpiece with netting that only covers the face. This has a very unique look, and you still feel like a beautiful bride.

Bridesmaids Dresses- For many years, the brides would pick a color and fabric, and then let the bridesmaids pick which style fit their body the best. In 2010 many brides are choosing the color, and then letting the bridesmaids pick any dress they want. This takes some pressure off the bride, and she is free to choose what she wants.

Color Scheme Decorating- Think of fun ways to decorate with you color scheme. For example, if you choose orange and turquoise, have a candy station with vases filled with candy that is orange and turquoise. You can also talk to your bartender about creating a drink that coordinates with your color scheme. You can even use personalized wraps around your water bottles.

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Remember that presentation is everything. No matter what is “popular” right now, remember this is your day and everything should be done the way you want it to be.