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Handheld Metal Detectors for Security Guards, Bouncers and Anyone Who Doesn’t Like Being Shot

By Miracle Dec8,2020

Handheld Metal Detectors for Security Guards, Bouncers and Anyone Who Doesn’t Like Being Shot

I have done my share of partying but if you were to ask me what my favorite party of all time was I would have to say it is a tie between all the parties where I was not fatally shot or stabbed. Not being shot, stabbed or beaten to near-death with a lead pipe is one of my favorite parts about any party, concert or event where a large number of attendees are gathered. Being shot, stabbed or clubbed into unconsciousness is a real drag and can really affect your mood so I try not to avoid these things by only attending events where there is a security guard or bouncer with a handheld metal detector checking patrons at the door.

Anyone planning an event of any kind without considering security for that event is an individual waiting to be sued and riddled with guilt in the event that something horrible happens. You could have 10,000 law-abiding, friendly, happy-go-lucky people at a concert and all it takes is one low-life jerk to destroy the entire event. Not taking the necessary measures to safeguard your event from these wrongdoers is to do yourself and your guests a huge disservice, especially when the necessary measures to be taken are so easy and affordable. For about the same price as 2 moderately prices concert tickets you can purchase a handheld metal detector which can quickly scan all guests and ensure that the event to take place does not have anyone in attendance that is carrying a dangerous weapon.

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Handheld metal detectors are certainly a much more affordable alternative to the standing walk-through models often seen in schools, hospitals and airports. Even on the cheap side these walk-through models can run you thousands of dollars. Also, a handheld model can be every bit as effective as its larger and more expensive counterpart. The Garrett brand of security scanners for example can detect a medium sized pistol from 9″ distance; a large knife from 6″; a razor blade and box cutters from 3″ distance; and foil-wrapped drugs and tiny jewelry from 1″. That particular brand comes with a large 8 inch scan surface for quick, thorough scanning at an event with many attendees. Most quality metal detector scanners are self-calibrating, meaning that the digital microprocessor technology inside eliminates the need for periodic sensitivity adjustments.

So if you are a club owner, concert promoter or just anyone who is planning on holding an event for multiple people, please consider obtaining a handheld metal detector. Your patrons may not thank you but they are much less apt to sue you when they don’t get shot at your next event.

Stay Safe,

Puzek Security Systems

By Miracle

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