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Do Not Overlook The Importance of Handheld Metal Detectors

By Miracle Mar3,2022

Do Not Overlook The Importance of Handheld Metal Detectors

There aren’t many devices that can boast the ability to actually save a life and more often than not these products are tragically overlooked. When you consider how affordable many of these life-saving devices are and how extremely easy they are to use it makes their lack of use that much more tragic. Take seat belts for example, so often we hear of fatal auto accidents involving someone losing their life because they failed to do something as simple as reach over and put their seat belt on. Helmets are another potentially life-saving device that goes overlooked all too often. In my knucklehead state, Illinois, the law requires you wear a seat belt but does not require you wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle. As is to be expected I see a great number of motorcyclists cruising about town with their hair flowing in the wind. Should any of these people get in an accident their chances of survival drop immeasurably because they chose to not wear such a helmet and I pray that these people understand the risks they are taking before it is too late.

Handheld metal detectors are no different than seat belts and helmets in so much as they are an item that can easily be implemented to ensure people’s safety but are all too often overlooked. I have been to more than enough events with multiple unknown attendees, where no security scanning device of any kind was used at the door. This to me seems ludicrous, especially in a day and age where random acts of gun violence can take place anywhere at any time and to anyone. Even if a promoter cared little for the safety of his or her attendees or put little value in human life it would still behoove the promoter to implement security scanning devices like handheld metal detectors so as to avoid the possibility of a potential lawsuit resulting from someone being hurt or killed by a weapon at their event.

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Handheld metal detectors also offer not only a more thorough security scan than the old ‘pat down’ method of checking for weapons but also a much faster and socially comfortable method of scanning entrants into any event. If you have ever been to a concert, sporting event or any large gathering where the entrants were being patted down by hand by security you are all too well aware of how long the process can take and how uncomfortable it might be for both the event attendees and the security personnel as well.

So please, if you are planning an event of any size and you know there will be attendees whom you do not personally know, acquire an affordable and reliable handheld metal detector.

Stay Safe,

Carl Vouer

By Miracle

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