A Look at the Top Pakistani Wedding Fashion Designers

By Miracle Jun20,2021

A Look at the Top Pakistani Wedding Fashion Designers

There is no doubt that the South Asian culture has the most celebrated version of weddings and wedding rituals. It is a at least a four to five day custom with modern weddings consisting of intense wedding planning and taking place in carefully managed hotels and elite event planners who charge a big fee. With so many traditions, the bride–unarguably the most important person in the wedding–has a huge task to pick what she believes is the most beautiful wedding dress in the world within her budget. This is a query not even the most prestigious wedding planners or event planners having the most elite and highly recognized wedding planning certification can easily solve. I have compiled a list of the best Pakistani designers (in my opinion) to make this tedious task of finding the perfect dress a bit easier on the bride, the bride’s family, the groom’s pockets, and of course the wedding planners. Especially for the wedding planners, I hope this list will make your job easier and not make you wonder why a wedding planning certification wasn’t offered where you were chose to specialize only in bridezilla’s dress finding fever! The most recognized bridal couture designers in Pakistani would be HSY, Maria B, Karma, and Nomi Ansari.

This is naming only a few personal favorites who all have distinctive styles so it might be easier to match a designer with the personal style of the bride based on these choices. For example, HSY is known for his modern bride. He carries unique color combinations and takes risks with the traditional red bridal color and matches it up with a bold yellow or purple underlining- a good choice for today’s power woman who always stands out. Maria B is for the decent, traditional girl who wears royal styles in pastels. Karma is all about the detail of the handwork and goes well with the bride who gives a lot of attention to detailed quality. Nomi Ansari is simply for the fun girl- one who is not afraid to try something different and cute. These individual designers been mentioned, I would also like to tip the wedding planners on suggesting fashion labels to your brides that carry many names under one roof. This makes the choice a little easier as the bride can easily see what type of styles she is leaning towards most and then either buy that dress of the hook or go to the designer who’s dress she liked under the fashion house and ask for something similar. Not an easy job, wedding planners, but if your bride is happy with the end results, you can celebrate the credit.

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By Miracle

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