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Please Don’t Use Metal Detectors If You Want People To Get Shot At Your Next Event

By Miracle Jan10,2022

Please Don’t Use Metal Detectors If You Want People To Get Shot At Your Next Event

I don’t want to tell you how to organize your party or event but I can offer one very valuable tip to any event organizer that would like to be sued for everything he or she owns with a wrongful death lawsuit and that is to make sure they do not implement the use of handheld metal detectors at each and every entrance. Not having a reliable handheld metal detector at the door is a great way to ensure that someone sneaks in with a weapon of some kind. After all nobody can be shot or stabbed at your next event if nobody smuggles in a gun or knife with which to do so. And it’s going to make it impossible for someone to smuggle in a knife or gun if you’ve got pesky security guards protecting the well-being of attendees by scanning everyone at the door. The best way to make sure somebody receives a mortal injury while at your event is to simply let a multitude of strangers in and just hope that nobody has brought a weapon.

Certainly you should not use a trusted name in the industry like Garrett as that brand is so reliable it is used by security details, law enforcement and military personnel worldwide. A Garret handheld metal detector is so highly sensitive it can pick up even the most trace amounts of metal and would easily detect even the smallest of weapons and then nobody would be getting shot or stabbed. They are self-calibrating which means that unlike less reliable models they do not need to have their sensitivity settings constantly adjusted, great if you want to keep your guests safe and sound and not be sued, horrible if you want utter chaos, multiple gun shots and a monster law suit.

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Okay, obviously this article is ridiculous and I am clearly being sarcastic but what I find truly ridiculous is that anyone would organize a major event in this day and age and not use simple, affordable and reliable technology to ensure the safety of their guests. Having a major event and then neglecting to keep the guests that attend safe in a simple and cost effective manner is both ignorant and wholly irresponsible. If you are a promoter you should make sure than any security detail you hire has one of these if for no other reason that the legal ramifications of someone being hurt or killed at your event because such security measures were ignored.

Stay Safe,

Carl Vouer

By Miracle

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