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The Importance of Lighting Designs

By Miracle Nov27,2021

The Importance of Lighting Designs

Lights are one of the most important components of any event. Today events are not taken lightly and people spend a load on getting the best performers, DJs and sound engineers to make their event a great success. But they often do not achieve that success because of the poor lighting.

Lighting systems must be adjustable and must come with remotes in order to dim the lights or turn them on and off whenever necessary. Any DJ knows that the lights just go with the music, and by having a remote to control the lights, the DJ is able to achieve the effect he wants. Different lighting is needed for different parts of the event. Speeches need a steady spotlight on the speaker, dances need colored moving lights flickering or moving in a certain way and slow dances need dimmer moving lights.

The following are the most common lighting used in weddings and a few other events:

Cake Lighting: Normally the spot light is always on the bride and groom while cutting their reception cake and this is a beautiful moment that will always be remembered by guests. Lighting on the cake will help guests get a better view of the cake as well as the couple around it, and is a central element in most wedding lighting packages.

Bar lighting: The bar is probably the center of attraction at any event. To make sure it looks magnificently beautiful, proper lighting system must be used to highlight things around and in the bar.

Buffet lighting: This is another very essential event lighting element and will help your guests know exactly what they are eating. Lights are set above the buffet table to enhance the beauty of the food presentation.

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Dance floor lighting: When it comes to having fun at any event, the dance floor may be tagged as the place where it all happens. You need some very good lighting to give the dance floor a more vibrant and inviting look.

Uplighting: Another common light used in events are up-lights. Up-lights are lights that cover the whole wall, or part of the wall with a certain color. They completely change the whole look of a place. You can wash the wall with a single color or even steadily change the color of the wall. The choice of party lighting you would like to use depends on the size of the venue as well as the layout of the area or room.

A few other types of lighting include lighting for the band or DJ you’re hiring, Stage lighting, Lighting for the gift table. To find Lighting Rentals San Francisco who use unique lighting systems to upstage the event and give it a more elegant look, you could check online for different companies that provide these services.

Any person who is hosting an event wants that event to be remembered by all their guests. A well illuminated place will definitely leave a long lasting impression on any person and it will help make your party or wedding a great success.

By Miracle

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