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So You Want to Be an Event Planner? Take Event Planning Courses

By Miracle Dec30,2021

So You Want to Be an Event Planner? Take Event Planning Courses

There is more to pulling together a great event then simply booking a venue and sending out an invitation, especially today. Event planning is one of the many industries that has been revolutionized in the past 15 years. It has been particularly affected by the rise of the Internet and growing interest from corporate quarters in social and environmental responsibility. Now, there are awards for the most sustainable events. The best way for a newbie to learn about these industry trends? Enroll in event planning courses. That way, when your future clients or employers asks you about your preferred social media tactics or favourite sustainability strategies, you’ll know what you’re talking about.

How to Find Event Planning Courses Near You

If you are a people person, and you think that you have the entrepreneurial spirit necessary to plan an event from beginning to end, then check your local business schools for classes in event planning. Many schools offer both full-time and part-time programs.

Skills and Diplomas You’ll Need to Get Into the Program of Your Choice

Event planning programs are usually open to high school graduates. You may be required to take an interview to assess your qualifications. Some business colleges require applicants to have basic keyboarding skills.

What You’ll Learn

Most event planning schools teach aspiring event planners how to:

Write a CV

Find customers or employment

Give a PowerPoint presentation

Manage worksheets on Excel

Prepare brochures, etc., using programs such as Publisher

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Communicate with clients and employers: organize and write a business letter, Negotiate a contract

Use the Web for pre-event marketing

Do basic bookkeeping

Manage a team

Your Career Options After Graduation

After finishing event planning college you will have to decide whether to start your own event planner service or find a job. Possible clients and employers include:

Trade associations

Tourism boards for your state, province or city

Professional association

Conference facilities

Government agencies

Event planning companies

Business schools (teaching what you’ve learned)

Most event planning courses have free placement services for recent graduates, including professional mentoring and online job boards. This is a great way to break into the business, but remember that only you can make yourself stand out. Whether you become the local expert in experiential marketing, staging unique events for big-name companies, or the go-to person for socially and environmentally responsible events in your city, this is one field that could see a lot of growth in the years to come.

By Miracle

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