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Don’t Let the Wind Ruin Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

By Miracle Nov12,2021

Don’t Let the Wind Ruin Your Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

There is a lot to think about when planning to have your wedding outdoors. Sadly, many couples find themselves taken by surprise with things that never crossed their minds. While their guests may be wondering why they missed the obvious, they fail to keep in mind everything that you have had to juggle. One of the most common overlooked factors is the wind itself. Whether your wedding is going to be at the beach or in your own backyard, you need to beware of the wind!

Wind can cause you a lot of problems. It can blow everything off of your tables. Even the slightest breeze can blow out candles or a stronger breeze even blow them over igniting any paper or even the tablecloths themselves. Wind can also cause embarrassing moments like blowing short skirts up too high. It can send candelabras crashing to the ground. Anything that is not anchored down is fair game.

Don’t fret. The wind can be thwarted and even used to your advantage. Here are a few simple ideas to keep the wind from wreaking havoc on your ceremony.

1. Use flameless candles – Nothing is more aggravating then having to relight candles every thirty seconds. Battery operated candles are perfect for outdoor ceremonies. The wind can’t blow them over nor can it blow them out. Also keep in mind that flameless candles look real. Even if they are tipped over somehow they won’t ignite anything. They also make nice gifts for your guests to take away from your ceremony. Not to mention, you can also retain a few for your own keepsake.

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2. Wedding feather banners – Wedding feather banners are a new and growing trend in the wedding industry. They provide a beautiful backdrop for the bride and the groom. The feathers blowing in the wind are absolutely breathtaking. Have you thought of releasing doves at your wedding? If so, wedding feather banners are a must. Imagine the bride and the groom getting their picture taken releasing a dove together with these banners in the background. I have seen this in a photograph and it may be my favorite wedding photograph of all time. One more idea that you can use with this theme is to decorate your tables with white ostrich feather centerpieces.

3. Avoid Cheap Tents – Unless you want your wedding tent to look like the balloon boy hoax, I recommend that you get a sturdy tent. Cheaper tents have a tendency to end up airborne. Also, make sure that your tents get anchored down properly. Many tents come with the sides weighted down.

4. Weigh Down Your Centerpieces – Whether you are using flower arrangements or feather centerpieces, they aren’t that heavy. The wind can blow them over easily. Glass centerpieces are easily broken. This can be avoided by placing weights down in the vases.

5. Don’t forget about your hair – Talk with your hair stylist ahead of time. Choose a style that won’t be affected badly by the wind. You don’t want to look frizzy. The 80s have come and gone and they won’t be coming back again anytime soon.

By Miracle

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