Convention Planning

By Miracle Feb27,2021

Convention Planning

A convention is the gathering of a large number of people of organizations, associations, corporations or governments for a specified purpose like business promotion or exploiting new markets. Planning and coordination depends upon the kind and size of the convention and thus demands planning strategy of its own. Following are the steps to planning a successful convention.

Step to planning: several months preceding the convention

For big conventions, start the planning work at least a year in advance. Determine your goals and objectives. Constitute convention committee and sub-committees with relevant experience, all under the centralized supervision of a chairperson. Define their roles and jobs with deadlines. Hold monthly progress review meetings among all the members. Choose the date and event venue. Sign contract for the site you select. Decide the agenda and logos. This task could be finalized after a series of rigorous discussions. Outline all tasks, set milestones, identify and acquire required resources, prioritize tasks and then coordinate activities. Begin marketing and advertising so that people can conveniently plan their participation.

Several Weeks Before

Make hotel reservations for your remote participants. Explore various hotels, negotiate and sign contracts with them. If required, select an official airline for the convention to get discounts. Develop a schedule of activities including registration of participants and speakers, development of specific documents, forms and procedures, printing of documents and invitations, arrangement of food services, logistics, acquiring services of volunteers, special arrangements for opening and closing sessions and first aid services. Acquire local professionals for photography, videography, catering, decoration and music.

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Opening day

Observe and confirm all preparations and arrangements on the opening day. Assign duties to respective persons according to the predefined checklist. Conduct all events as per schedule. Pay special attention to crowd control and protection of high profile guests. Thank all your contributors after the closing ceremony.

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