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Working from the downtown Raleigh offices of Intelligent Office offers many advantages for small business owners. In addition to providing a professional address, these facilities offer free coffee, parking, and fantastic common areas. If you’re considering signing up for an Intelligent Office membership, take advantage of their offer of a free first month when you join for seven months. To take advantage of this offer, you must participate by June 13 and sign an agreement. The offer is only available to members.

Coworking spaces in downtown Raleigh

Founders of businesses are looking for more than just office space. They also want the right environment to help them grow. So the Intelligent Office Team has opened a new location near the city’s Central Business District. In addition to providing workspace, it also offers conference rooms and phone answering facilities. You can rent a dedicated desk for as little as $450 per month.

This downtown Raleigh coworking space offers a comfortable, oversized table for working. It also features a multi-function meeting room, a printer, and a cafe. In addition, this coworking space is pet-friendly and offers free parking and enterprise-level internet. Finally, this location has plenty of amenities, including showers and lockers for members and guests.


Intelligent Office is a growing business community built around collaboration and innovation. Our business-friendly spaces are designed to accommodate a variety of workspace configurations and suite sizes. Our team comprises entrepreneur-minded professionals, creative individuals, and IT executives who want to help grow the business community in Raleigh. Read on to learn more about our team and its services. We look forward to helping you grow your business.

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From virtual business addresses to rentable office space, Intelligent Office offers a complete package of business services to meet your every need. From telephone answering to virtual mailboxes and other business services, we help you keep your business running smoothly during and after a natural disaster. In addition, we help business owners reduce unnecessary expenses by offering a wide range of services. Contact us to learn more about the different options available for your business. You’ll be glad you found Intelligent Office in Raleigh, NC.


To find out how much the cost of an Intelligent Office team workstation is, read on. Then, we’ll break down the different types of team workstations in downtown Raleigh, NC, and their prices in more detail. The average cost of one workstation is $18,000 per year, and there are 242 working days in a year. So, if you have a single employee, the yearly capital wasted could be up to $7,735 a year. If you have ten employees, the wasted money could be up to $77,350.


If you’re looking for a flexible workspace that meets your needs, consider leasing space at Intelligent Office’s Raleigh, NC, office space. Dedicated executive suites and team workstations in downtown Raleigh, NC are just the beginning of what the company offers. In addition, workspace memberships give you access to everything you need to run your business, including high-speed internet and a community of like-minded business owners. You’ll also take advantage of a virtual office, where you pay to use only what you need.

This Raleigh co-working space is ideal for high-achieving professionals. It features complimentary coffee and 320 square feet of private office space. The conference room can accommodate up to 35 people without a table. The office is open 24 hours a day and is located in the historic Fayetteville Street district. The workspaces feature floor-to-ceiling windows and artisan pastries. So there’s no need to worry about meeting your usage limit.

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