The Seven Best Skills Necessary for a Corporate Event Planner

The Seven Best Skills Necessary for a Corporate Event Planner

Corporate event planning services are getting popular in every passing day, as big corporate have understood the impact of a successful event or seminar in terms of branding and reputation. The job of a corporate planner is that of a specialist and requires multi-dimensional skill, interpersonal, time management, technical, and organizational skills among others. Planning and executing all details meticulously and catering to client’s wishes is a demanding task.

Critical tasks offered by event planners such as location hunt, on site monitoring, logistics, seminars, and trade shows should be performed very carefully so as to give the best experience to their guests. Certain skill sets are essential in corporate event planning which would help you to sail through the grueling execution phase.

Multi-Tasking Ability

A corporate event planner needs to be working on multiple projects. For example, a planner may have to handle two different seminar or conference on consecutive days. So, multi tasking ability and ability to handle pressure is must in this profession.

Technical Skills

Computer proficiency is must in this profession as corporate event planner may need to run automated corporate event planning to streamline the entire process. He or she should know how to update and delete event related information using a software platform.

Time Management Skill

Time is money and more so in event planning profession. Prior scheduling and advance planning is the key to a hassle free event or conference. Keeping a good track of time and using an event’s calendar could make life easier for professionals handling big events.

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Interpersonal Skills

The bigger the event, the more the number of people you need to deal with as a planner. An excellent interpersonal skill is required to handle people from different backgrounds and working as a team. They need to work with a photographer, as well the person delivering flowers for the same occasion.

Organizational Skills

Good organizing capability would ensure successful execution of a corporate event without any last minute glitch. Preparing a checklist helps, especially to prevent over scheduling and deadline violation.

Communication skills

An effective communication skill is required to effectively manage a diverse team for an event. Poor communication can lead confusion and delay in deadlines.

Financial skills

Proper budgeting and financial skills would help a planner to plan and execute a hassle free event. Going over budget is a symbol of poor planning.

Corporate event planning these days have become a lot easier with robust and intuitive event management software. A successful planner is one who would fulfill a client’s wish regardless of an event’s size or location.