The Royal Wedding of 2012? How to Make Your Wedding the Special Occasion of the New Year

The Royal Wedding of 2012? How to Make Your Wedding the Special Occasion of the New Year

Everybody wants the perfect wedding as they make the commitment to spend a lifetime together with their partner. The Royal Wedding cost between A�20,000,000 and A�30,000,000, but if you don’t have the budget of royalty, there are a number of different ways to reduce the price of your special day without sacrificing luxury or glamour in the name of saving money. An independent survey found that the average cost of a British wedding in 2012 would be around A�20,248. With people struggling for money in the current climate this is too much for many to afford, meaning that people are staying engaged for years without being able to commit to actually having the ceremony.

It’s not all doom and gloom for weddings however, and many couples are having great success in reducing the cost of their wedding by turning to wedding planners and event management services to bring down the cost of their day. Through contacts and experience, wedding planners are able to find the best possible prices and services for you for a range of different wedding services, which can have a significant impact on the total cost of your wedding. Wedding decorations, photography and catering are just some of the areas where cost price can be reduced in a number of areas, but without having to settle for a substandard product.

Your wedding day is one of the most important of your life, and this is why a wedding planner is so important if everything is to go as planned. Organising an event and the amount of food needed to feed all your guests is one of the most important and strenuous tasks you will face, especially if you try to organise it all by yourself. There are many wedding catering companies on the market, however there are a select few that are starting to offer other services as part of the package, combining experience with food and experience with organising large events such as weddings.

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Money can also be saved by finding a venue that is able to host both the ceremony and the reception. These are harder to come by but they are available, saving money, time and the hassle of transferring your guests from venue to venue. By hiring a wedding planner and finding a venue that is also civil licensed, you can go a long way to reducing the hassle and cost for yourself and your loved one for your wedding day, giving yourself the best possible start to your life together.