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Reduce Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt to Get More Event Registrations

By Miracle May9,2021

Reduce Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt to Get More Event Registrations

Stories about credit card fraud and undelivered products and services that have been purchased online get a lot of attention. Fortunately, this attention brings awareness to the risks out there.

Event planners trying to get people to register and pay online may not think this way, but if you take a few easy steps to reduce fear, uncertainty and doubt in your registration process, it will give you a strong competitive advantage and get more people signing up for your events.

Ways to reduce fear, uncertainty and doubt to get more registrations:

Give the name, phone number and email address of a real person people can contact if they have questions or concerns.

Add logos to your form to show that you have met certain business and security standards such as the Better Business Bureau logo, the Security logo for the company providing the SSL certificate, etc.

Have a privacy policy easily accessible.

State the cancellation and refund policy and make it fair and friendly.

Make it clear what is and what isn’t included in the registration fee.

Avoid automatically redirecting people to a different webpage or trying to mask web addresses.

Tell people what to do with clear and concise instructions. What you think is obvious may not be to everyone.

Make your form clean and neat with everything nicely lined up, text wrapping in good places and sufficient and consistent spacing between elements to give it a professional appearance.

Don’t make people create an account with your registration company before they can register for your event.

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Don’t have advertising on your form unless it’s a sponsor for your event.

Make sure the registration form is branded to match your website or event marketing material to give you a consistent look.

Make sure registrants don’t get any kind of pop up security warnings from their browser.

Finally, make sure that you choose your online registration provider carefully. A good provider will help you create a good form and make recommendations that will reduce fear, uncertainty and doubt to help your events succeed.

By Miracle

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