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Event Planning Checklist: Can a Venue Make or Break an Event?

By Miracle Jan28,2022

Event Planning Checklist: Can a Venue Make or Break an Event?

Event planning checklists are vital when it comes to running a successful event. One of the main items on your checklist should be your venue.

When it comes to meeting and event planning, especially finding your ideal venue, there are a number of organisations that can help you to find a venue for your event. Your local conference bureau or a national venue finding service is often a good place to start. Obviously the internet is also a valuable source of information when looking for venues.

With so much choice there are some key things to consider when deciding which a will be host to your event venue: Use an event planning checklist with the following questions.

How accessible is by road, rail and/or air? Think about the pros and cons of out of town vs city centre. What’s car parking like and will it cost?

Will it comfortably fit all of your delegates/visitors? (You need to also think about the space required for your audio visual equipment here)

Do you need breakout rooms, or a separate room for lunch/an exhibition?

Cost – do you need to pay per delegate (DDR) or pay for the room hire plus catering?

Does the venue have good ‘green’ credentials?

How welcoming and helpful are the staff – will you find them easy to work with?

If the hotel can’t go out of their way for you, the potential organiser, what approach may they have towards your delegates? Remember, it’s your future business at stake here!!

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What is the quality of the food and facilities? Have a meal there and experience it.

Will you/delegate need hotel accommodation, if so, what’s the standard of the rooms like and can you negotiate a special rate?

Do you need to hire the venue the day before the event for set up and/or a dress rehearsal?

If you need WIFI access for delegates and/or speakers, what speed, type of connection can the venue offer? What back up do they have available?

By having an event planning checklist containing all the questions above, you can work your way through the list and establish if a venue is a fit and a match for your event. Be aware about making compromises.

Be clear about what you want and you will find a venue that will want to work with to make your plans happen. If that means you start your venue search early, do it.

By Miracle

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