Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Event Planning

Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Event Planning

Do get approval for your plans.

This is a basic do, but well worth mentioning. Before you start planning your event, get the budget approved and clear a list of recommended speakers and event entertainment with management. This way you can avoid any surprises down the road. Meet with your planning team early on and get approval for your budget so you can begin finding the right vendors.

Don’t forget about your attendees.

Your organization may have its own agenda for the meeting or event, but you need to think about things from your attendees’ perspectives. What do they want from the meeting? What impression do you want them to leave with after the event is done? This is where corporate event entertainment can play a big role in your planning. By including appropriate meeting entertainment, you can ensure that your attendees will enjoy themselves.

Do create a theme for your event.

Your theme will make planning much easier and will give your event a “wow” factor. Your theme should coordinate with the purpose of your event. Incorporate your theme into your venue decorations, your invitations, your marketing collateral and other items.

Don’t let your attendees sit in silence.

During the downtime in your events, use light background music to avoid the sound of crickets. Music doesn’t have to be the centerpiece of your event, but some background music can help give your event a touch of professionalism.

Do hire professional event entertainment.

Event entertainment is another way to increase excitement about your event and ensure that people come back again next year. Your event entertainment vendor should be experienced with corporate events so they know how to maintain professionalism and be entertaining at the same time.

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Don’t put off promoting your event.

Promotion is the key to making sure your event is well attended. Once you’ve got the date, venue and theme in place, start spreading the word. Use press releases, social media, industry magazines and other avenues to promote your event and pre-register attendees.

By following these DOs and avoiding these DON’Ts, you’ll be able to create an event that helps you make your mark in your industry and will keep your attendees coming back year after year.