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Getting a Traffic Ticket? Consider This Tip Current Event News for Students

Have you ever driven down the same road day after day driving to get home when all of a Current Event News for Students you see at the last moment a police officer hiding behind a tree with a radar gun. You suddenly hit your brakes as a reflex and then look at your speedometer. Oh man I’m speeding.
You look in the rear view mirror and see flashing lights as the officer gets on his motorcycle to come after you. It has happened to all of us so don’t feel too bad. Here is what to do if you get a ticket.
First, there is a big difference between a major speed versus a minor speed. If the officer tells you he is giving you a major speeding ticket for you going 16 plus over the speed limit let the tears fly. If possible you want to try to see if the officer will give you some grace by reducing the ticket to under 16 over. This will change the major to a minor violations. What does this mean?

Your Ticket is Going to be Substantially Cheaper

Well, first, your ticket is going to be substantially cheaper as a minor speed but in Current Event News for Students addition your insurance will count a major speed against you almost as much as an accident. A lot if carriers will even cancel you if the speeding violation is 21 or more over the speed limit. If it gets reduced to a minor violation many insurance carriers can allow several of these before any changes will occur with your policy.
Here is a tip to consider. If you are left with the major speed your best option will be to complete a drivers safety school to wipe the charge off your record. By doing so, this ticket will not appear on your motor vehicle report so it will never count against you by the insurance company Current Event News for Students. Keep in mind that if you have an accident this same concept won’t erase the accident violation. It only applies to non-accident related violations.
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