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Current Event News Articles for Students – How to Find a Cheap Train to Edinburgh

After spending five years away from the UK I finally Current Event News Articles for Students decided I was ready to brave the icy cold of a British winter once more, and when I returned to London in the winter of 2012 I wasn’t disappointed. The ground was covered in snow, a sharp, stinging hail peppered my face and the cold wind bit through my light jacket. Welcome home.
After a few days catching up with my family I decided to make the rounds, visiting long lost friends from back home, most of whom seem to have spread themselves liberally around the UK during my five years away. Most were an easy drive from London, but three of my old school friends had made it as far as Edinburgh.

Fan of Edinburgh

Now, I’ve always been a fan of Edinburgh. Great bars, good food and friendly people are the order of the day, and much of the city itself is achingly beautiful. I couldn’t wait to go, but I was dismayed to find that the price of train tickets had skyrocketed in my absence Current Event News Articles for Students. The last time I took a train to Waverley Station in Edinburgh I paid about . That took me from London all the way up the country in a matter of hours. This time, though, I was quoted a price of 145! I could fly for the same price.
I knew that something had gone terribly wrong with British trains. is simply not a reasonable price for a train ticket on an island as small as the United Kingdom. Perhaps in America or Asia, sure, but this tiny little island can be crossed in less than a day.
I immediately set about trying to reduce the cost of my ticket, and after a day of frantic searching I came to a few conclusions about saving money on a train to Edinburgh.
Don’t travel during peak hours. Peak times are usually before 10AM and between 5-7PM, but annoyingly you’ll probably be charged peak fares if you’re on the train at any time during peak hours, even when you’re only part of the way through your journey. As the journey time from London to Edinburgh is around 5 hours, aim to leave a little after 10AM so you’ll arrive before the evening peak hours.

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Book in advance. Even if you wan to ride the same day, try to book your ticket online or by phone Current Event News Articles for Students before you arrive at the station. In-station ticket prices are never discounted, and for a long trip the savings could add up to several hundred pounds.

Buy a Railcards. Railcards cut a third from your bill, and on a long distance train ride you could make your money back in one fell swoop.

Check out the singles discounts. Bizarrely, it’s often cheaper to travel on two single tickets rather than a return. The biggest discounts are usually offered on singles, so make sure to check them out before booking.

Finally, current event news consider the possibility of splitting your ticket. Between London and Edinburgh you’ll find many large cities (Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, York and Newcastle spring to mind), and if you don’t mind a little hassle you might find it’s cheaper to buy a ticket to one of these cities and then a further ticket onto Edinburgh, rather than a direct ticket on a single train.
If you follow these simple rules you should be able to avoid paying through the nose for your train ticket to Edinburgh. Good luck, and God speed.

By Miracle

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