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Sell Your Portland Home? – Tips On Selling It Fast

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Selling a house is no easy feat and wanting to sell it in a timely manner is harder still, but it is something you will have to do at least once in your life.

There could be various reasons for needing to sell home Portland fast. You could be heading to foreclosure and cannot handle the extra cost of putting your house on the market using an agent.

You might want to save money on the agent fees or you simply cannot afford the agent fees or you could be in a big hurry to move. Whatever the case is, with the following tips you can sell your house in the shortest time possible and make a good profit in the process.

If you want to sell home Portland the first thing
to do is invest in a storage unit.


While it is tempting to declutter your home by hiding all the junk in closets, do not do so. Chances are potential buyers will look into the storage spaces and find them stuffy and disorganized and this might discourage them.

If you do not use that stuff every day, put it away. This will help make your home presentable and increase the chances of your house being bought.

Upgrade your home in small ways. Fix the outside by trimming the hedges, mowing the lawn, trimming branches that are too close to the house, filling up potholes in the driveway.

You can give the house a facelift by giving it a fresh coat of paint on the outside. On the inside focus on the kitchen and the bathrooms. Get new cabinet door handles, new faucets or light fixtures.

Do not over invest in the upgrades as chances are you might not get your money back. A coat of paint also brightens up a room and gives it a brand new look.

Make the home as impersonal as possible.

This means taking down wedding photos, baby pictures and any other items that clearly indicate that the house is your home. When prospective buyers walk through a house, they want to picture themselves living there.

All these personal items are discouraging, do not fill your house with excessive artwork either. Simplicity is key in attracting the right buyer.

Stage your home, this is a constantly forgotten fact when it comes to selling your home. A good stager knows how to showcase the good side of the home and down play the faults.

If you really need your house to sell fast, consider getting the help of a professional stager. They know how to make your home feel cozy yet not personal.

If you do not want to hire a stager or cannot afford it, consider asking a friend to walk through the house and give their opinion through a fresh set of eyes.

Another way of selling your house really fast
is to get the word out yourself.

You can take a few photos and post them on websites to showcase your house. Post pictures of your house on your social media accounts to promote it.

Let your friends know, word of mouth is a fairly effective of advertising the sale of your house. Get the word out and hopefully get great returns. Use the local newspaper and get your house listed in the Portland MLS to market it.

Work on the lighting in your house. The best light is always natural night, but if this is not possible use the highest wattage bulb to brighten up the room.

With the use of the following tips, you can sell home Portland in a short period of time.

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